The Sun Conjuncts Neptune: Everything is Sacred

Every planet in our star system will be involved in important developments over the coming week.

Every planet in our star system will be involved in important developments over the coming week.

The week ahead is full of shift. In the week ahead, all of the planets are up to something new.  Setting the stage for all of what’s to come in the days ahead is today’s meeting of our Star and Neptune, the Cosmic Mystic and Dreamer.

Neptune moves slowly around our star system, taking almost 165 years to orbit the Sun.  The last time the Mystic visited Pisces was the middle of the 19th century.  After his September 1846 discovery brought into human consciousness the subtle, yet all-pervasive reality of the Oneness of all that is, the anti-slavery movement in the U.S. began to gain irresistible momentum, along with an artistic and spiritual renewal whose influence is still felt.

It’s just been two years since the Mystic returned to his home territory, where he is stronger than anywhere else in the zodiac.  Today’s meeting with our Star was only the third since Neptune returned to Pisces in early February 2012.  Eleven more of these encounters will take place before the Dreamer carries the vibrations that connect us with the Oneness of all that exists into Aries.

When Neptune leaves Pisces, we won’t be the same.  Our hearts will have been touched by Neptune’s infinite compassion.  Our dreams will have been infused with the energy of the Oneness.  By then we’ll be ready to launch a whole new cycle of spiritual awareness and cosmic creativity.

This year’s Sun-Neptune conjunction is the middle of three that take place during the URanus-Pluto square that is the defining energy of our times. Each reminds us, a little more deeply, that the changes that are unfolding within us and around us are, at their heart, are spiritual.  They carry the creative, blissful energy of the Source.

A Week of Shifting Energies

With this week’s shifts, we approach the threshold of profound and sustained energetic change that waits for us in April:

  • Mercury ends his retrograde vision quest through the first three degrees of Pisces and the last 12 degrees of Aquarius on Friday.
  • Mars begins his 12-week retrograde through Libra on Saturday,
  • the Sun and Moon create the seed energy of a new beginning in our spiritual and creative life at Saturday’s Pisces New Moon,
  • Jupiter and Uranus, who’ve been slowly creating the dynamic tension of breakthrough since early February, finally make the second of their three exact squares between August 21, 2013 and April 20,2014
  • on Tuesday, Pluto and Chiron make the last of their five exact sextiles since May 12, 2012, releasing their healing energy deep within you.
  • tomorrow, Venus and the goddess asteroid Psyche, the pivotal and uniquely feminine energy that achieved immortality through her willingness to follow the deepest call of her heart — even when it led her far beyond her own abiltiies.
  • and today, the Sun makes its annual pilgrimage to the degree of the sky occupied by Neptune, the Cosmic Mystic.

Setting the Stage:  The Sun Conjuncts Neptune

Neptune, the Cosmic Mystic, makes his annual pilgrimage to the Sun today.

Neptune, the Cosmic Mystic, makes his annual pilgrimage to the Sun today.

We’ll take a closer look at each of these cosmic events in the days ahead.  Today’s Sun-Neptune conjunction sets the stage for them all.

As our Star conjoins its power with the Mystic, it illuminates the dimensions of reality that Neptune connects us to — the Oneness of all that exists.

On the threshold of these days of potent, personal shift, these two have activated  enormous levels of spiritual awareness and creativity within you and around you.  At the heart of the transformative portal all of us on Earth are entering is a spiritual metamorphosis.

Today, it has baptized us.  Open your heart to the Cosmos, and be bathed in its bliss and compassion. Wherever you go is church — the true church of Life in a Miraculous Cosmos.