Scorpio New Moon: The magic is just beginning

You’ve been going deep, haven’t you?  Beginning today, you’ll start to understand why, with deeper clarity than ever.

It’s been almost six weeks since Jupiter — our solar system’s largest planet and your pipeline to blessing and grace — entered Scorpio. Then Venus and the Sun joined him, bringing the power of your love and the creative radiance of your heart into play.  Two days ago, Vesta brought her primordial priestess power into Scorpio, just in time for the new beginning in your relationship with your deepest power — your power to transform — that was newly re-created at this morning’s Scorpio New Moon.

If you’re so still that you can sense the vast reaches of the Dark Universe, from which everything emerges — and on which your very being floats — you can feel this new and potent life you’re carrying. It’s already stirring in your heart and your soul. With every thought, every intention, and every moment of heart connection, you’re nurturing it.
One way or another, we’ve all been plunged into the depths. Over and over, further and deeper, into the reality of decay and rot in our world and also in our own lives. If your tumble into the depths was far and fast enough, it might be hard at the moment to see the immensity of the blessings that are all around you, fresh-born from the Mystery that’s woven into your heart.
The potent creation magic of the Cosmos — messaging you

And now, today, in the closing days of Scorpio season, Luna has made herself new. In the days ahead, she’s releasing her most potent magic into your life — and our world.

What she’s created, here in the depths, with the Great Heart of our solar system is full of   passion and potency. And it’s drenched in magic — the cosmic magic that brings universes, stars, and you,too,  into being, over and and over.

A wave of strong, flowing energy is unfolding from the water signs of Scorpio and Pisces — infusing the intensity of the Scorpio Sun and Moon with the mystical, healing grace of the centaur planet Chiron as he journeys through Pisces. The same powerful wave is linking the passion of Venus, the ancient, timeless Queen of Heaven, with the mystical insight and creative inspiration of Neptune, our pipeline to the Oneness. It’s a wave that’s guiding and upgrading your creative power. And it’s cresting just in time.

The lunar cycle that will unfold from this New Moon– the 11th of 12 in the reality-bending chaos we’ll remember as 2017 — promises to be the most potent of them all. Your life, like our world, has reached a turning point.  While the turning is occurring at every level of your being, its origin point is deep within your own heart. This is an inside out job.

The inside-out journey: welcome to the transformational vortex called your heart

The messages of the cosmic energy pattern at play today as the Sun and Moon create their ancient, timeless magic are clear: a process of deep and profound transformation is reaching critical mass. Here’s what tells us that what you sense at the depths of your being is true:

  • Each of the three classical planets beyond the orbit of our Gatekeeper, Saturn — Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto , the great ones called “ambassadors of the galaxy” by the seminal 20th-century astrologer Dane Rudhyar — are activated. Together, they are saturating not only this weekend, but the entire lunar cycle ahead, with the frequencies that change lives and alter perspectives, in ways that are profound, far-reaching, and deeper than words can convey.
  • This is the fourth of nine consecutive new moons that activate the high-frequency vortex at the center of our Milky Way. When planets or points align with the Galactic Center, reality bends. And the operative mechanism isn’t will, force, or even action — it’s the vibrational frequency of your own heart, and your personal alignment with its deepest truth. This nine-moon portal of opened with the August’s Total Eclipse of the Heart. It will end with the Aries New Moon in April 2018. Over the weeks ahead, we’re moving into the very heart of this process.
  • Mars and Pluto, the co-rulers of Scorpio, are pulling your field in different directions as they form a tense, crisis-prone square. Today’s New Moon is being guided by the struggle between the death rattles of a dying paradigm and the birth pangs of the new one that is emerging from the heart. Action is pulling you one way, power another. There’s baggage to be dropped. The old ways of doing things — and the old reasons for taking action — are spent. They’re pushing each other — and you — to find the action that’s more powerful, and the motivation that’s more transformative.
  • Saturn, the gatekeeper of our 3D reality, is within a half degree of the Galactic Center and its reality-bending frequencies.  Reality is being changed. The shift point is deep within you. It’s in your own heart, your own deepest vision of what is true about this life.
The deepest magic of all — Sedna — is calling you
 The closest connection the Sun and Moon made as they created the new seed was an exact opposition with the most far-out — literally and energetically — being in the solar system, and in your personal reality as well.  Her name is Sedna . She’s three times further from the Sun than Pluto, and whether you have heard of her or not, her story is your story.

Sedna grew up  motherless — just as you did, and your mother, and hers, cut off for millennia from full relationship with the life-creating, life-sustaining frequencies of the Cosmic Feminine. She was raised by a father who, just like the patriarchal  structures of our world, was neither prepared for nor interested in the needs of the young feminine.  Living with a husband who was even more cruel and abusive, Sedna reached the point when she could take more. Having no safe space, she sought refuge from a father who cut her hands off, leaving her to sink to the bottom of the sea.

Her life had been taken out of her hands in every way. Sedna had no choice but to surrender. Cut off from her ability to handle things for herself, she could only connect with life from a deeper place than her skills and her knowledge.  She was left only with her heart and her soul, torn wide open by suffering.
There in the icy depths, something happened to Sedna that seems a miracle to our controlling, planning, managing self, the part of us that can and does handle the myriad and often overwhelming affairs of our lives. Her severed fingers were transformed, into the seals and the whales that sustain all the peoples of the Arctic, blessing them abundance. Sedna herself was transformed as well — into the goddess who presides over the life-giving magic of the sea.
Sedna’s orbit is so vast that it takes her more than 10,000 years to circle the Sun. She holds the space for everything we know in our solar system. She holds it all.
She’s the space, within you and around you, where suffering is transformed into blessing. Not because of her great skill, learning, or prowess, or anything she did or knew. Everything she did to free herself from abusive men failed. She did all that she could — and it was not enough. Only a deep surrender of heart and soul to the great power and wisdom of Life — the power that holds us all — could save her.  It’s the only thing that can save us.
Her exact opposition to today’s New Moon tells us that the call we hear is Sedna’s — and that answering that call is at the very center of the tumultuous and powerful lunar cycle ahead.  The call to our hearts of all that is suffering, the call of deep surrender to the creative intelligence that formed us — that’s both the key that unlocks our frozen hearts and the gateway to renewal and regeneration.
You know in your bones that reality is far more complex than the models we have to describe it.  You know, too, that none of the books tell the whole truth of who you are, and what you’re woven into. In your gut, you know that the shocking revelations that have been deeply buried are rising up because you’re now ready to see them. Because it is time. It’s time to shape the reality that’s become bent and malleable into something new. Not with the old ways, though. With the new ones emerging form your heart.
The week ahead: your accelerating trajectory into the Mystery

What’s being set in motion today will accelerate throughout the coming week, as the pressure of the birth pangs grows ever more intense:

  • On Sunday, November 19, the square between Mars and and Pluto will become exact. They’re already wrestling, within and around you.
  • On Tuesday, November 21, the Sun leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius. The entry of our Star for the sign of the quest is a call to your own heart to take up your own quest with new, and deeper,  purpose.
  •  Each day until Friday, November 24, brings our Gatekeeper, Saturn, closer and closer to his last exact alignment with the Galactic Center. This is the completion of the reality-bending process that has defined this year of 2017. You may feel your own reality cracking and bending. The control point is your heart’s deepest wisdom. The more you can live from that, the more likely you are to experience shifts that we can only describe as “miracles”
  • The 48 hours following that final alignment of Saturn and the Great Center are likely to be filled with dramatic confrontations and sudden flashes of grace and blessing. The forces of control and of grace will be wrestling within and around you as the Sun squares the centaur Nessus and conjuncts the Cosmic Rainmaker Huya.
  • Meanwhile, our Cosmic Messenger, tiny Mercury, will be having his mind blown as he makes a series of contacts with our solar system’s transformational edge — aligning with Ixion, whose frequencies activate your experience of the unforgiven and the unforgiveable; with Haumea, who connects you to tour capacity to re-birth our reality; and with Uranus, tour pipeline to breakthrough.
  • The information pouring through Mercury to you will be more than he — or you — can process at once. He’ll return not once, but twice, to these degrees to reflect on all that’s happening now.  On December 3 — the same day as the Gemini Full Moon — Mercury will turn retrograde, journeying through the last half of Sagittarius to help us process all the ways our individual and shared realities have been bent.  This retrograde will prepare us for the Sagittarius New Moon, just days before Saturn comes home to Capricorn for the first time in 29 years. Our master class in manifestation will begin.
The changes that are unfolding are profound. The currents flowing through the widening cracks in the old paradigm carry the potent, creative frequencies of renewal and regeneration.  Like everyone on planet Earth, you’re being invited not only to accept the deep change. You’re being invited to trust it, to embrace it, and to recognize that your heart is its base.