Capricorn New Moon 2018: Long Live the Queen

Tonight’s New Moon sky is dominated by the largest gathering of planets and asteroids in Capricorn that we’ve experienced in a single sign in years.  This massive cosmic assembly in the home sign of our gatekeeper Saturn, the Ringed One who stands at the boundary of the visible solar system,  makes tonight’s Capricorn New Moon an event of extraordinary potency in a season that is specializing in them.

As the first new moon since Saturn entered his own sign, the day before last month’s rare and powerful Capricorn Solstice, what happens tonight — within and around you — will seed Saturn’s entire journey through Capricorn, the part of the zodiac he calls home. What’s starting this week won’t complete until December 2020. It’s likely to last well beyond.  Saturn starts things that are designed to last.

It’s here in home sign, amid the frequencies of the bones and foundations of our reality (and of your life) and of all that is ancient and enduring, that Saturn is in his element. Never has he had so much to work with. Never has there been so much to manifest.


“The Seated Woman of Çatalhöyük,” Museum of Anatolian Civilizations,
Ankara, Turkey

 Him? Or Her?

And um, about “him.” In the most ancient — and thus most essential and foundational — human cultures, Saturn was not “he” but “she.” Those ancient Earth Goddesses with drooping breasts and swelling bellies? Were they “fertility” goddesses — or were they grandmothers, the wise crones who carried the planetary wisdom codes for humanity? And who are they now — within you as well as around you?

This is actually one of the central questions this New Moon sky is asking you.

Here’s why: the dwarf planet Ceres is almost exactly conjunct the Moon’s North Node — our evolutionary GPS. In fact, this is the closest aspect in the entire New Moon sky.

The North Node has long been seen as the head of the fabled Cosmic Dragon,  the fierce guardian and protector of your soul’s incarnational purpose,  always pointing you towards the good future. The conjunction of the Dragon’s Head with any planet in the solar system is an annointing.

In this Now moment, so full of power inviting us to claim it, that planet is Ceres.

As old as the Sun, her energy is that of the ancient fertility goddess who came to live on the Earth with humans are in Leo. This is a royal sign and today, Ceres — the daughter of Gaia, Rhea, Ishtar, and Inanna; the mother of Isis, Tara, and Persephone — is wearing her cosmic crown.

She stands with the Dragon’s Head almost alone, gazing across the solar system at the cosmic crowd in Capricorn. Only the Dragon’s Head and Praamzius, one of the edge-dweller’s at our solar system’s transformational edge, are with her. We can see her fundamentally solitary, regal presence in this New Moon field as a call to our own hearts — a call to remember She who blesses us as we focus on the great mountain before us.

The amazing image at the beginning of this post, courtesy of NASA, is the large, permanent “aurora oval” centered over the Earth’s magnetic North Pole, which is currently in northern Canada. When we see the spectacular auroral displays near the pole, we’re seeing small sections of this oval — Ceres’ crown, which is always there — lighting up.  Think of that the next time you feel discouraged. Not only do you live on a planet who wears a cosmic crown, she’s supporting you in every minute of your life. Including this one.

Is she a queen in exile? Or is she confronting her loyal tribe,  ready to create a new structure in which she — and we — can thrive? At the deepest level, my friends and sister and brother journeyers, the answer is up to us.