3rd Quarter Moon Squares Uranus & Pluto: Choose Love

In her own sign of Cancer, Luna’s kicking off her Last Quarter Phase with maximum intensity.  The 3rd Quarter is the part of the Moon’s cycle our right brain receives the news that everything is about to change.
The legendary 20th-century astrologer (and composer, poet, and concert pianist) famously called the 3rd Quarter Moon the bringer of a “crisis of consciousness.”  This Moon is taking her mission with utter and complete seriousness,  diving right into the Uranus-Pluto square.  And for the next couple of hours, she’s in the same degree as Black Moon Lilith, merging with her own shadow and blasting through the tidy categories we use to wall of what scares us in ourselves.
We couldn’t ask for any more intense emotional force to help us push through to the breakthrough zone.  Only our souls could do that — longing more than anything to liberate us into our deepest and most authentic power, desire, and aliveness.
Our dark, fear-created energies?  They’re right here.  All our defenses and pretenses?  On the table.  Every strategy that supports our choice of fear instead of Love?  On board.
It’s time to breathe deep, open our hearts, and let the Love out.  What’s buried deep within you, within me, within the heart of reality itself, is Love. Pure, radiant Love. It’s waiting for us to choose it. Now is a good time.