You and Your Dreams


The Universe is asking you to make a choice today and tomorrow.  It’s all about how seriously you relate to your dreams. When I say “dreams,” I’m not talking about what you don’t take seriously.  I’m talking about what you do.  I’m talking the great ineffable power of the Oneness.

Reality is saturated with the Oneness. It’s not just our mammalian herd instinct that makes us tune into the same music, movie, book, candidate, food, or fashion statement.  It’s Neptune. He is on the job 24/7 reminding us that, while we may look separate, we’re all actually participating in the Oneness, all the time.  When he was in Capricorn, suddenly corporate hierarchies acquired new glamour. When he moved on to Aquarius, the internet exploded into ubiquity and the global village became reality.

Today, the Cosmos is doing you the enormous favor of asking you to get clear on how you relate to your personal experience of the Oneness.  OK, maybe pushing you” is more like it. Now is when you need to choose whether you’re going to rush out and try and make your dreams come true overnight or take a deep breath, flex your big-girl brain, and take your shots very carefully and consciously.

If you take the first option, you’ll probably end up discouraged and full of self-doubt.  Take the second, and you can watch your dreams come true.

Here’s the scoop:

Neptune the Cosmic Dreamer is in the first degree of Pisces. This his favorite part of the skies.  Pisces is the sign he rules, and it  brings out the best in him.  After more than 160 years traveling through the zodiac, the Dreamer is hanging out in the very first degree of Pisces for the third time since March 2011.  He’s so glad to be home he keeps going back to the doorway and walking in all over again—just to feel how good it is to be home.

For two weeks, that’s where he’s been.  He’s not moving until the end of 2012.  As much as the Moon and Venus, when Neptune is happy, so are we.  For our hearts and our souls, our dreams and inspirations are like oxygen.

The first degree of Pisces is pretty interesting.  It carries an energy we don’t usually associate with the mystical, empathetic last sign of the zodiac. The Sabian symbol is “a crowded marketplace.” It’s all about commerce–people coming together from different backgrounds to exchange and commingle. This very mundane activity is what leads the way into the mysticism, creativity, and inspiration that Pisces brings.

Door #1 or Door #2:  Mars or Saturn?

Both Mars and Saturn have just changed signs. Each of them stands in very different relationship to the Dreamer’s energy. They present us with choice.

Just getting fired up by the truth- and freedom-seeking energies of Sagittarius, Mars is ready for a bit of a dust-up. After his trips through self-effacing Virgo, diplomatic Libra, the Warrior, and super-focused Scorpio, the Warrior has a lot of pent-up energy.  So if he’s just a little over-confident and a little explosive, that’s why.  It’s the same thing that happens to us when we let the vibes of Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter go to our heads.

And ust like us, it’s very easy today for Mars to forget that he doesn’t go up against Neptune (or his outer planet pals Uranus and Pluto) and win. The three outer plaents who live at the edge of our solar system are higher-order energies.  They bring in the high-frequency vibrations of the galaxy.  They can’t be controlled, or bested.  A Mars-Neptune challenge can end in awareness of what “inspired action” really means–and it can just as easily lead to discouragement and self-doubt.

On the other hand, Saturn the Teacher, is in rare and perfect harmony with Neptune today. From the first degree of Scorpio, Saturn will be trining Neptune for the next week. These two are ready to bring some bigger dreams into reality. Work with them. You may be surprised what can happen.

Door #3: Evolve Your Consciousness, Evolve Your Action–and Change Your Life

The truth is, we can’t choose between Mars and his challenging attitude towards the Dreamer, and Saturn and his willingness to partner.  They’re both part of reality.  Both are presenting us with different routes to evolve our relationship with the energy of the Oneness and the reality of the Dream.  It’s your turn to evolve.