A Pisces Sky with Retrograde Saturn: How to Restructure Your Reality

With Saturn on a vision quest through Scorpio and five planets in Pisces, reality is getting more watery by the minute.

With Saturn on a vision quest through Scorpio and five planets in Pisces, reality is getting more watery by the minute.


Two big events took place in this morning’s sky:  First, the Sun moved into Pisces, where he’ll begin a three-day meeting with Neptune the Mystic tomorrow morning (yes, you’re definitely going to be feeling a little less detail-oriented tomorrow) .  And Saturn began his first retrograde vision quest in Scorpio in almost exactly 29 years.

Pisces is the cosmic ocean into which everything flows. It’s where we swim like Pisces’ ancient symbol:  two fishes moving in opposite directions yet forever bound together.  One of those directions, wrote the great British astrologer Alan Leo, is the heavens.  The other is the earth. Wherever Pisces falls in our birth charts is where we experience as forever bound together the realms that our world tells us are far, far apart.  It’s where and what we dream and how we feel the Oneness beneath everything we see.

The Cosmic Waters and the Power of Emotion

In this cosmic ocean, we understand not with the mind but with the heart (whose electromagnetic field is more than sixty times greater than that of the mind).  We know what’s true because it inspires us.  We hear our truth in music and  we see it in photographs and films.

Violinist, film producer, and audiovisual composer Kenji Williams—a true Piscean—puts it this way: “our neurochemistry opens the door to cognitive learning through emotional and right-brain engagement.  Wthout creating this deeper, memorable experience, the human brain does not learn. Humans absorb what they feel, not what they are taught, and this is what drives action” (boldface mine).  

The Grand Central Station performance of Williams’ latest creation, Bella Gaia (www.bellagaia.org) was well-timed–just before Mercury ends his upcoming retrograde through Pisces.

The ancient fish of Pisces, swimming in the Cosmic Sea. Photo credit:  Wikipedia Commons

The ancient fish of Pisces, swimming in the Cosmic Sea. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

Pisces 2013: A Season for the Ages

There are six reasons that this year’s journey of our Star through Pisces is an especially powerful one that can change our live forever if we’re ready:

1. This is  only the second meeting of the Sun and Neptune in the same degree of the Cosmic Dreamer’s home sign in 165 years.  Neptune’s formidable power never more potent than when he’s in his own sign.  When our Star and the Dreamer embrace, the Earth may not move–but our hearts and imaginations will.

2. Over a third of the solar system is waiting with Neptune for our Star to arrive. Chiron, Mercury, and Mars are already swimming in the cosmic ocean, and Venus arrives next week.  We’re literally being flooded with emotion and intuition in our being, our thinking, and our doing.

3. The watery band of five, and soon to be six, planets in Pisces is magnified by Saturn’s presence in Scorpio. That’s a total of six, and soon to be seven, planets in water signs, dissolving boundaries wherever we turn, from our calendars to our memories to our emotions.

4. Earlier today, Saturn began his first retrograde vision quest in the water sign of Scorpio in 29 years.  It’s time for a cosmic review of our life’s structures. Are they in alignment wiht our deepest desires?

While we’re reflecting, the Manifestor is searchign for something we need to bring our life into greater integrity. we need it, but we’ve forgotten it.  Or we’ve lost it.  Or we’ve overlooked it in the frenetic pace of our busy lives. The Manifestor is here to help us out, even if he pushes a little harder than we might like.

5. On Saturday–just five days after Saturn turns retrograde–Mercury the Messenger begins a vision quest of his own It’s his his first retrograde through Pisces since February 2007. A lot has happened since then and this is when our hearts and our imaginations begin to feel emotional truth of all that’s happened, including:

  • Pluto’s entry into Capricorn and the beginning of his slow demolition of the moribund structures in our world–and our lives.
  • the great star Regulus’ movement into Virgo, after 2,160 years in Leo, and the energetic–if not yet the physical–end of the patriarchy.
  • the first two of the seven world-changing squares of Uranus and Pluto, birthing the Occupy Movement, the resurgence of the climate change movement, and One Billion Rising–to name a few.

6. The overlapping vision quests of the planets that shape our reality (Saturn) and our perception (Mercury) from February 23-March 17 begin something big. They mark the start of our final preparations for the astonishingly auspicious energetic patterns of July 2013:

  • a Grand Water Trine between Neptune, mighty in his own sign of Pisces; Jupiter in Cancer, the sign of his exaltation; and Saturn, drawing the blessings and dreams into form,
  • followed by a Star of David forming around the Grand Water Trine in the earth signs.

Restructuring Reality: What to Know and What To Do

Reality is being restructured by a Cosmos that is growing more fluid by the minute.  As the water seeps to the depths of our beings, the boundaries between things are being dissolved.  The places that have grown rigid over time are being softened.

Here’s the most important thing to know about this watery reality:  Water absorbs everything into its receptive depths. Everything, including fear.  And in these times of great and momentous change, an accelerating wave of fear is washing over the planet. When Saturn is in Scorpio, it’s time to face our fear.

Our task is a simple one and a huge one:  Release the fear.  It’s time to surrender our fear and trust the power of Love. If there’s anything or anyone to forgive, now is the time. When Saturn is retrograde in Scorpio, the time has come to walk our talk.

It’s the time we’ve been waiting for.  And here’s why.

Water can absorb our fears and hold onto them forever.  It can put out our fire and bog us down.  It can turn our thinking and our communication so foggy we think we know nothing.   Water can also inspire us, renew us, and nurture the new life within us into being.  What we nurture now is what we’ll be drawing into reality when July comes around.  Where we are now may be be confusing.  It’s also something else, something full of cosmic magic.  We’re in the creative matrix.  We’re there now.