Aquarius New Moon in a Pisces Sky: A Cosmic Redemption Song


The Helix Nebula in the constellation of Aquarius.  Tonight's New Moon in Aquarius sings a cosmic redemption song to our souls.

The Helix Nebula in the constellation of Aquarius. Tonight’s New Moon in Aquarius sings a cosmic redemption song to our souls.


We are deep into the three days surrounding each New Moon that’s known as the Dark Moon.  It is a time of magic and mystery.  We shed the dead skin from our lives and  are opened to the powers of the invisible world. 

The merging of solar and lunar energy at the New Moon is the most potent moment in the Dark Moon period.  Many star-gazers consider the Dark Moon period to last until the Crescent Moon emerges in the sky, two days after the seed energy of the New Moon has embedded itself in the cosmic womb.  We’re less than 18 hours from the New Moon.  It takes place in the sign of Aquarius early Sunday in the U.S. Eastern time zone. (2:21 a.m. Sunday).  The seed is already beginning to form in the unseen world within you. 

The Dark Moon is the time to sing new life into reality with your attention and intention. Before the seed energy can sink its roots into your energy field, however, something must happen. The dead skin must be shed.  Whatever is over in your life must now be on its way.  Whatever is breaking down must be let go.  This is the crucial work of the Dark Moon period that comes to renew life every month.

“None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds”

The seed that Sol and Luna together create carries the next round of your life’s unfolding. This New Moon’s energy wants to wake you up to the magic of being human—to the possibilities of life as a cosmic being on Planet Earth.  It’s singing a cosmic redemption song to your soul.  

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery,” as Bob Marley urged us.  “None but ourselves can free our minds.”  With the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius, the Moon in Scorpio, and the Part of Fortune– his cosmic “sweet spot” — in Pisces, Marley understood exactly what this New Moon is all about.

With an exact, challenging square to the degree of November’s Heart of the Serpent eclipse, the cosmic redemption song of this  New Moon reactivates the powerful energies of November 2012.  It reminds us that the life-changing purpose of these times is not yet fulfilled in our lives or in our world. 

The Moon’s North Node, long called the Dragon’s Head, lies in the same degree of Scorpio as the Heart of the Serpent eclipse.  What the Dragon’s Head is facing is the transformative desire of the life force in our depths. This is where our power is.  It’s waking us up. Whatever we do this weekend to free the energy trapped within us by fear and resentment will be supported by the Cosmos itself.

Neptune, ruler of Pisces, the most mystical part of the sky.  NASA photo.

Neptune, ruler of Pisces, the most mystical part of the sky. NASA photo.

Mercury and Mars in Pisces:  Into the Mystery in Thought and Deed

This future-oriented New Moon of liberation unfolds in an increasingly watery sky. This week began with the entry of Mars the Warrior and Mercury the Messenger into Pisces, the last, mysterious sign of the zodiac.  Neptune was waiting at the entrance to his potent realm to welcome them. Chiron the Healer was there as well.

Now our actions and our minds are immersed in the mystic realm. In fact, wherever the sign of Pisces falls in your birth chart is fast becoming an ashram where your soul can rebalance itself in the Mystery.

Over the next two and a half weeks, this ashram within you will become even more intense.  In 10 days, Sun will join Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and Chiron.  Venus will follow in another week. By the end of February, over half the solar system’s planets will be in in Pisces, dissolving the boundaries between the visible world and the invisible one. 

Mercury in the Retrograde Shadow Zone: The Vision Quest Awaits

Mercury will be vision questing through Pisces in two weeks.  Yesterday he entered the degree where his quest will end in mid-March.  In just two weeks, on February 23, he’ll return to the territory he traveled yesterday and set forth.  He’ll be looking deep beneath the surface for something you need to fully access the intuitive, creative energy of Pisces re-connect your mind and your soul.  It’s something that you’ve lost, or forgotten, or overlooked. 

Pay attention over the next two weeks,  while the Messenger is in the shadow zone of his vision quest. Try to see with Mercury’s Eyes.  As the ancient world knew,  the messenger of the Gods is also the guide of souls.  As the Cosmos sings its redemption song at tonight’s New Moon, set the intentions that will liberate your heart and mind.  The intentions you share with the Universe tonight will be your guides through the  journey deep into the Mystery that lies just ahead.