Aries New Moon – The life-changing power of your truth is now fully activated

Last night’s Aries New Moon propelled you into a whole new beginning.

Deep beneath the surface — where everything begins — the greening force of life Aries, the power that makes everything new, is surging through your being. Infused with quantum codes for breakthrough and beginning, that force has been pulsing through your field for weeks.

It’s carrying frequencies that have never before been embodied — and it’s ready to break new ground, in your life, and in our world.

Aries New Moon
It’s time to take a whole new look at the part of your birth chart that contains the sign of Aries. A new beginning is there within you, waiting for the power of your presence and your attention. Your fierce, tender, passionate attention to what is most alive, most vulnerable, and most potent within you.

That’s what your life now depends on.

Your game-changing capacity to be present to your truth 
I’m talking about the deepest and most fierce truth, the truth you’ve held back — for a week, a decade, or a lifetime — because you fear it’s too much, or not enough. Because you know everything will change if you speak it and live it. That truth is actually medicine, and the dwarf planet Eris is bringing its full-on potency into your life. A memory that’s thousands of years old has been curled up sleeping in your deep mind — of a time when the culture of domination was still young and Eris was branded the Goddess of Discord, avoided, scapegoated, and exiled.  Ever since, she’s been circling at the edge of our solar system, holding an enormous space for what’s edgy, teeming with life and the power to transform and heal.

All this time, she’s been waiting. Until you’re ready. Until you reached the point you knew you couldn’t go on without her.

That time is now.

Just before the great hinge of the Equinox swung open last week, Eris was awakened for the third and final time for over a century to come. As Uranus, your pipeline to quantum breakthrough, awakened her with his cosmic lightning, she initiated him — with a huge, reality-changing infusion of truth. What they’ve started within you is so big the future has a stake in it. The energy they created has a life-span of 150 years.

You’re the space where it happened

in a degree whose energy is described by this Chandra symbol: “a bottle labeled drink me.” Eris is coming back to the “drink me” degree this fall, and she’ll be there until January 2019, guiding you through the rabbit hole that you’re already moving through as your own awakened truth begins to expand your mind, free your heart – and shapeshift your reality.

What’s happening now is just the beginning.

And all month long –  all next month, too – Saturn, the Manifestor, is at a near-standstill in the degree that is home to the massive vortex of transformation at the center of our Galaxy. Our Sun was born in this vortex. Your heart, a fractal of the Sun, is in deep resonance with those reality-creating frequencies. When they’re activated, your life can change on a dime.

Aries New Moon to You: Become a  breakthrough zone

Your ability to be a field where the greening force breaks new ground was renewed at 10:59 pm EDTlast night. The Aries New Moon  sealed the seeding of new capacities of truth-telling and truth-speaking that brings the transformative power of your heart into play. In the days and weeks ahead, those capacities will be fast-tracked, as the challenges and tests of a Cardinal Grand Cross bring them — and you — to vivid, multidimensional, fully present life.  Here are four things you need to know:

1. This is as intense a field of Aries energy as you’ve ever experienced, saturated with full-on creation power.

Over 100 celestial bodies are crowded into the zodiac’s first sign, where everything begins anew. The Sun and the Moon are joined by four planets, and a dwarf, centaur, and TNO, along with over 100 of the largest asteroids. Almost every degree in the zodiac is activated by this Aries Force – meaning that every degree in your birth chart is connecting with this force, in a way that is as unique as your fingerprint. You can’t sit this one out. There’s just no way that’s even a possibility.

This is an extremely creative and magnetic  field. 

In the days ahead, your choices are nurturing your new capacities for heart-centered truth-telling — or starving them.

2. The most important action now takes place beneath the surface and behind the scenes, as you re-assess what you believe, what you want — and prepare to  re-structure your life.

Aries is all about action. It’s the territory of Mars. And the Red One has gone way out of the Warrior zone. He’s in ancient goddess territory — Taurus, where the Warrior is in his detriment. When he’s here, it’s Venus who’s calling the shots — for almost everything in the sky, thanks to that celestial crowd in Aries. That makes what you want, and why, and what you value, and how, issues with extremely high stakes right now.

You’ve been reassessing that very topic all month – because Venus is retrograde, deep in the invisible sky.

She wouldn’t be down there if there weren’t some patterns that need to cleared and released before her full power can be released.

She’s bringing you the chance to break new ground at deeper levels than ever. The places with the most opportunity are her favorites – your relationships with love (that totally includes self-love), with money, and with creativity.
Mars can’t go charging ahead with a pumped-up ego and brandished weapons. Not if he wants to access the passion and drive it’s going to take to bring something new into the world — which is what he really wants. And (because Mars is in no way separate from you) what you really want.
For that, the Warrior must connect with the magical core of what you love — and of Gaia herself.  He’s got to slow down, stay connected to the body, to the earth, and to the power of your love. He’s got to go deep.

4. With the final throw-down for Uranus and Pluto already underway, reality is in active metamorphosis.

If you feel you’re meeting crisis at every turn – you are absolutely right. It can show up as power struggles, hair-trigger tempers, words that are daggers, and desperate situations.   The two titanic change agents, Uranus and Pluto, are wrapping up their 5-year mission to pull our world apart.   By the end of April, they’ll be moving far apart. This month is when they make sure they’ve done the job they came to do for you (that’s right, I said for you), by:
Helping you get clear about what you’re willing to commit to – and what you have to let go of to do it, as Pluto squares off with the asteroid Vesta, who carries the energy of your devotion.

* Sharpening your understanding of the relationship between personal truth and shared truth,


as Uranus, Eris, and Mercury face off with Jupiter and Haumea in Libra. If you want to birth a new world, you’re going to have to learn how to stand in your truth and honor others who stand in their own, different ones.

A Grand Cross – the most dynamic generator of energy that our solar system creates – has already formred around these two titanic change agents. In the coming weeks, it’s going to be ignited over and over again in the coming weeks. Every single time, it will be pushing you to break new ground for the new beginning.  Already, Jupiter and Pluto are almost exactly positioned for the second, pivotal activation of their 3-part square. Exact on Friday, March 30, it’s transforming your relationship to the power of truth — the truth within you and the truth around you.

5. The Big Slowdown is on the way: hello, retrograde Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Mercury

On Wednesday, April 6, when Saturn turns retrograde, the most intensely transformative part of this year-long invitation to reconfigure the reality of your life, and our world, begins
. Only three of these invitations roll around in a century. Most people experience only two of them. As he exchanges a strong, positive trine with Uranus, Eris and Mercury at this full moon, he’s helping you anchor the breakthroughs, and coding them with new templates for every structure of your life.
On April 9, when Mercury turns retrograde (until May 4), you’ll probably know it’s time for a big re-think about staying grounded and making change in a way that will last.
The New Moon carries the power of soul-level breakthrough. What is beginning today is big, unfolding over the coming 9 months.  It’s important to stay grounded as the firestorm moves through us. to slow down, breathe deep, and take the cosmic fire into the roots of your being. As the 20th-century writer Eudora Welty said, “All serious daring starts from within.”

May your daring be serious and joyful, potent with truth and full of all the blessings you’ve dreamed of.

With love,
Marcia (aka Star Sister)

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