Tonight’s Gemini Full Moon brings you the key to the good future

If you think 2016 has been mind-bending, just wait — and pay very close attention to the astrology. The last four days have been a close encounter with what lies ahead — a year when Saturn, the gatekeeper of our reality, will be within a 7-degree orb of conjunction to the supermassive vortex of transformation at the center of our galaxy.  So that’s a 365-day alignment with the high-frequency vibrations that bring stars into being and astrology to light.

a photo of the sky with Astrology and stars and the text a 365 day alignment with the high-frequency vibrations that bring stars into being

(That 7-degree orb actually goes live next week, on the Winter Solstice, and remains fully activated for over 400 days, until February 2018.) That means that what you’re going to be manifesting will be infused with the frequencies that change things beyond recognition, often on an astrology dime.

Tonight, Luna is showing you what you need to see — and to do — to be ready. 

And as she ripens into fullness in Gemini, the sign of the Cosmic messenger the Moon is not only full of revelations, she’s come to take you by surprise.These are revelations from Mercury, the Messenger, and from Saturn, the Manifestor. They’re all about what you see, and what you don’t, and the role that plays in how potential becomes reality.

Potential Becomes Reality a photo of the sky and astrology

The Native American name for the Gemini Full Moon is the Cold Moon. Therefore this one is well-named. It’s pre-loaded with the potential to startle you awake from the sleepy, rhythmic lull of predictability and business-as-usual. As Luna has waxed and swelled over the last four days, drawing more and more energy to the surface, the Sun has

  • conjuncted Saturn, the Gatekeeper, beginning a new cycle in manifesting the truth of your heart — starting with a sober assessment of the gap between your heart and the reality around you.
  • squared Chiron, the Cosmic Healer, bringing you to a crisis point in your relationship with what’s broken in you — and in our world;
  • trined Uranus, the Quantum Liberator, infusing your appetite for deep, decisive change with quantum possibility.

Now it’s Saturn’s Astrological turn. 

Over the next two weeks, the Gatekeeper will follow the Sun in activating these high-frequency vibrations of pain and healing, as well as of disruption and liberation…
  • As Saturn squares, Chiron, your will to be alive, rather than simply hiding from death, is tested.
  • As he trines Uranus, your capacity for a breakthrough will be powerfully stimulated.
Profound though they were, the Sun’s meetings with Chiron and Uranus this weekend were “one and done” affairs.

What Saturn will begin in the coming days (see Astrology timeline below) are long-term processes, lasting for most of 2017 and powerfully reshaping reality. 

Saturn's purpose and astrology

Saturn’s purpose is to turn potential into reality. His signature is all over this Full Moon sky.

He’s still closely conjunct the Sun, while showing you the relationship between your heart and the reality around you. If overwhelm, isolation, abuse, or neglect are coming up for you now, you can take them as signals it’s time for a closer look at the alignment — a misalignment — between your intentions, thoughts, words, and actions with your own heart.
The Universe works on an inside-out design, and everything — everything– starts from within.
Whatever your heart has been showing you since Friday, it’s giving you a glimpse into what the year ahead offers – and what it will take to manifest your deepest truth, heal your deepest wounds at levels you’ve not been able to reach, and liberate your most awakened self from that closet where she’s entombed.
Therefore Chiron, Uranus, and the Galactic Center vibrate to higher frequencies than Saturn and his 3D reality.

As they connect with Saturn, the high-frequency parts of our reality take form based on resonance and alignmentwhich means not control.

Also, it’s not only that attempts to control reality won’t work. In this climate, they’ll backfire.
A deeper approach is required of you. Forces much bigger than we can comprehend are coming into play. The first, crucial step in tapping the quantum breakthrough potential of the year ahead is to do whatever it takes to resonate with your own highest frequency — and to align your intentions, thoughts, and actions with that.

Therefore within and around you, the Cosmic Twins hold the astrology key.

A Gemini Full Moon is all about perceiving what’s in front of you, and the multiple possibilities it contains – and seeing that, like everything on this blue jewel of the Cosmos, it’s twinned. Which means Gemini is the sign that’s most like Mercury, the tiny and daring sun-grazer who is our Cosmic Messenger. All the other planets in the visible sky – whose energies structure our embodied, 3D experience – have a complementary polarity. For the Sun, the polarity is the Moon. For Venus, it’s Mars. For Jupiter, Saturn.
Only Mercury has no complementary polarity – because only Mercury contains both within himself. He’s the one who shows us that everything does. While, Jupiter brings the potential for blessing and for the excess that cancels it out, Mars for assertiveness and for aggression, the Moon for responsive emotional intelligence or reactive emotional projection.

When you feel trapped, whether by a frightening scenario or simply a boring one, look for the missing twin, and coax it out to play.

That’s how Mercury invented music, and healing, and money, and language — by playing with whatever he finds.
Everything has another astrology side
No one knows better than the Messenger that everything has another side. He himself is the god of commerce – and also of thieves. He’s the god of language – and also of dreams. He brings healing – and he escorts the soul to the Underworld after death.
And he’s the energy you use to perceive reality, to understand what you’re seeing, and to communicate it with others.

The Cosmic Twins are in your own mind

from your linear left brain to your creative right one, from your cranial brain to the enteric nervous system in your gut, called “the second brain” by increasing numbers of neurologists, and most importantly, from the great intelligence of your heart to that of your brain.
And today, as he guides Luna through the home stretch to her fullness, the Messenger has just reached a turning point of his own in his relationship with the Sun, the star power at the heart of our reality. On Sunday, the small but mighty Sun-Grazer reached his maximum distance from the Sun. He’s about to begin a retrograde journey of realigning his perceptions with the heart. His biggest message for you today is this: it’s time for you to do the same.
Each time a planet conjoins the Sun, a new beginning is created with its energy and the heart. It’s an invitation to live in a more heart-centered way. This month, both Saturn and Mercury — whose energies you use to structure reality and to perceive it — are inviting you to live more fully from your heart. That’s where the star power is.

Here’s the Astrology timeline:

December 20, the Winter Solstice swings open one of the year’s great energetic hinges. In the heart of darkness, we begin our journey towards the Light. With Mercury in retrograde storm, and Saturn moving into an ever-closer conjunction with the Galactic Center, this year’s journey promises to be the most memorable of your life.
December 26, Saturn makes the first of his three trines to Uranus, the Quantum Awakener. No trine makes it easier than one involving Uranus to embrace new ways of doing things and to bring unexpected new realities into being. When Saturn’s on the other end, you can rewrite the script of your life with an ease that would defy possibility at other times.

December 28, Saturn makes the first of his three squares to Chiron.,the Cosmic Healer

In the mystery and magic of the Dark Moon, a 4-month process of restructuring the way you manifest your deepest wound will begin. It’s time to re-think the choice you’ve made to experience the pain of denying the wound, or the empowerment of healing it. If you’re willing to release what’s become too small for who you are becoming and hold space for a new reality, the Dark Moon is when you can shift the trajectory of your life.
As always with Chiron, the pain that’s likely to arise is actually a signal. Don’t shut down, the Universe is whispering. Lean deeper into your connection with Source. Healing –and with it wisdom, patience, compassion, endurance, and depth – are nearer than you think.

December 29, the Capricorn New Moon

brings a new beginning with Mercury, who’s just conjoined the Sun, and with Saturn, already conjunct the Galactic Center and trining Uranus as he returns to the surface for the first time since late July. With alignment and patience, new structures of manifestation can be born into your life — and through you, into our world.
Mercury at the threshold: Keep looking deeper. And deeper still.
The ruler of the revelations coming now and in the days to come is the Messenger himself – and he’s on a very powerful threshold, just 4 ½ days away from his final retrograde of the year. 2016 is ending the same way it began, with Mercury re-thinking reality as he retrogrades in Saturn’s sign of Capricorn. As he changes direction and dives beneath the surface of your life,the Messenger will bel just a degree and a half away from an exact conjunction with Pluto.
It’s not quite time, though, for a new beginning in the relationship between our perception and our power. You’re not quite ready yet. There’s something you haven’t seen yet, or that you’ve forgotten, or lost touch with, that you need to. That’s what Mercury will be looking for between December 19 and January 8.  In six short weeks, though, on January 29 – the day after the Aquarius New Moon —  you’ll be ready.
Between now and then, we’re in the highly karmic balsamic phase of this Mercury-Pluto cycle. The Messenger will travel back through the first half of Capricorn, rethinking the structures of reality and the meaning and function of authority.

For 21 days, between December 28 and January 18, Mercury will be closely conjunct the Galactic Center.

Not until he is tightly conjunct its transformational frequencies  on January 8, will he complete his retrograde work
— releasing patterns of thinking that have limited your power to transform your reality, and seeding a new understanding with the freed-up energy of all you’ve let go of.
As in every connection between our reality and the Galactic Center, what happens is impossible to predict or control. Things are likely to change on an Astrology dime, for good or ill — depending on your own resonance with the energy of Source. 
Already your mind is opening to see a deeper way of seeing reality. Don’t stop. Keep looking — all the way back to the Source. You’re about to be rewired as an agent of transformation.
So may every step on the way bless you, a thousand ways, a thousand times over.
With love,
Marcia (aka Astology Star Sister)

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