Cherish yourself. That’s the life-changing medicine of tomorrow’s, 01-12, Cancer Full Moon

Hello, Beautiful,

The waves of power in the sky within and around you are every bit as big as they seem — and they’re building. Each one is bringing an urgent message from the great forces of blessing, grace, deep truth, and quantum change that are addressing your heart and your soul. Each message comes in a different language and from a different direction. Yet, taken together they’re leaving you with one resounding takeaway: it’s time to be the change you’re longing for. Anything else is going to be too small to ride the big, life-changing waves of 2017.

Blessing vs. Truth

A stand-off in the sky within and around you

There’s a stand-off in the sky within and around you. Ever since Jupiter, your pipeline to blessing and grace (aka, abundance and good luck), set up shop in Libra three months ago, balancing your truth with others’ has been the way to access the good stuff.

Except for one thing. That’s not going down with Eris, your soul’s deepest, edgiest, most reality-changing truth. She’s been offline for millennia, and she’s not piping down.

Uranus, your pipeline to breakthrough, isn’t having the “go along to get along” program either. The Liberator and Eris are on a joint mission to break new ground in your life. They aren’t going to compromise their truth to make someone else happy or to pump up their bank balance.

It’s time for peace talks between the forces of blessing and change — and you. One of the revelations coming in on tomorrow’s Full Moon is this: the stand-off isn’t just happening in the world around you.

It’s also happening in the Cosmos inside you.

The parts of your birth chart where you have the last 10 degrees of Aries and Libra will show you where the process of making inner peace needs to take place. Between now and late September, It’s time to reassess your relationship with blessing and breakthrough:

  • Take a close and very honest look at what’s not working in your life
  • Are you compromising the brilliance of your own truth?
  • Are you sacrificing your alignment with grace to get ahead?
  • Let go of what’s not working for you. What’s at stake is your abundance, your freedom, and your potential to break through obstacles. Do it now or you won’t believe, come 2021, how much you’ll wish you had.

The Art of the Possible

Neither the appeasing tendencies of Libra or the risk-taking proclivities of Aries sit well with a Capricorn Sun who’s got a whole solar system to hold together. You’re just three days out from the Sun’s annual merger with Pluto, the Cosmic Destroyer & Regenerator. What your heart is vibrating to is will power.

  • What is possible? the heart is asking. What can you make real? What will it take, and are you prepared for such a blessing?
  • How much room, the Cosmos is asking, can you make in your heart for your truth as well as the truths of those around you?

Mandate from the Moon: Watch everything change when you cherish yourself

Meanwhile, Luna is waxing in her home sign of Cancer. Here in the sign of the Cosmic Mother, the Moon and her emotional intelligence is stronger than anywhere else in the sky. Every hour between now and 6:35 AM EST tomorrow, is bringing her closer and closer to the tense three-way argument (or T-square, in astrospeak) between Jupiter, Uranus, and the Sun.

This Cancer Moon is turning that three-way T-square into something even more loaded: the most powerful, rare, and deeply conflicted of all the major patterns of cosmic energy. Astrologers call this four-way stand-off a Grand Cross. On the cosmic maps we call horoscopes, it looks like a big box, and that’s exactly the feeling it creates — the immense frustration of being utterly boxed in.

And that’s actually the whole point of a Grand Cross. It creates so much frustration that you must act, and take your life in your own hands. That’s the revelation, and the gift, of this deeply creative, intensely emotional Cancer Full Moon.

Take note!

Not Just Do It Aries Astrology

The action of Cancer isn’t — I repeat, is not — the “just do it” imperative of Aries. Cancer is where the deep waters of origin flow, within you and around you. Like all the power signs of the Cosmic Feminine, our experience of Cancer is deeply complicated by the ways our world has disconnected itself from the life-renewing cosmic sources of feminine energy. Every woman who becomes a mother finds herself having to carry the burden of nurture alone — no matter how many child-rearing partners she has. Without consciousness of the deep energetic background that supports not only the mother, but her children, the experience of mothering — or being mothered — is nearly always ambivalent and wounding.

For no individual human being can carry the entire Cosmos. It’s like a drop trying to accomplish what only the Ocean can do. And yet, out of love, we’ve tried to. Or we’ve been raised by a mother who tried. Or both.

And so,

as part of the great project of our lifetimes — the return of the Cosmic Feminine in all her guises to our consciousness, and thus to our world, to renew the Sacred Masculine and bring the Divine Child within us all into the world — each of us gets to reclaim the Universal Mother and the Universal Child as only we can do. This doesn’t happen in some grand and public way. It happens in your own heart.

Each month, when the Moon returns home to Cancer, she invites you to immerse yourself in her cosmic waters and nurture yourself with tender cherishment, as if you were your own beloved child. For you are. Your own self-cherishing is the mirror that reveals your deepest face, the one you had before you were born. The breakthroughs you make here will ripple out through your entire life.

And once each year,

Luna becomes full here, in the sign of her fierce and tender mysteries and their mandate to cherish and nurture. Like everything else in this Full Moon sky — and in truth, in the entire year ahead of us — that mandate comes with high stakes.

  • Listen closely to the way you talk to yourself. What are your first thoughts when something goes wrong? Do your judge yourself for not being perfect?
  • Look carefully at the ways you nurture your physical well-being.
  • How often do you encourage and affirm yourself?

Manifesting transformation: The Dharma Path of 2017

 The word transformation is as inspiring and beautiful as the reality it describes
The word “transformation” is as inspiring and beautiful as the reality it describes. When it happens, our lives are touched by the same force that brings stars and galaxies –and you– into being. Transformation is the cosmic process, happening in every moment, within and around you. And at certain points, it takes on an urgency that makes everything else is secondary.
Among the revelations of this Full Moon, none are more critical than this: you’ve arrived at one of those points of urgency. From the first day to the last, the transformation of your life’s energy is what you will be manifesting this year.
Saturn, the very gatekeeper of 3D reality — in your life and in our world — is now well within the orb of conjunction to the Galactic Center — just six degrees away from exact alignment.  The Manifestor is receiving energy and information from an energy source that is 100,000 light years across — larger than our entire solar system.

Let’s be very, very clear about something.

This is a process that you — or anyone else on our planet — is “in charge” of. The Galactic Center is the closest embodiment of the Great Mystery in our part of the Universe. Just as every drop contains everything that makes the ocean “ocean,” you contain this Mystery. You’re a fractal of it. And, just as the drop does not direct the ocean, you can’t direct what’s about to happen, within and around you.
What you can do is much more magical than that. You can align with the Great Mystery that births planets, stars, and you — and you can collaborate with it. The time to start is now, because what happens when we’re out of alignment isn’t pretty.

What does it mean to align with the Mystery? This Full Moon sky is coded with guidance:

  • Nurture yourself. Give yourself the experiences that let you feel nurtured emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Don’t let a day go by without this. Not. one. day.
  • Get clear about your intention. Look at what matters. What really matters. Be guided by that, moment to moment.
  • Re-align with your deepest truths — every single day. Let your intention, your thoughts, and your actions line up with the deep truth of your heart.
  • Drop the baggage that keeps you from trusting life, trusting yourself, and honoring your deepest truths. Forgive yourself and forgive life, by cutting the cords of negative energy that keep you connected to the painful. Become a master of the art of letting go — of old self-judgments, old fears, old belongings.
  • Move into your heart. You can do it one day at a time, because today is the only one that counts. Just tell yourself each morning, “Today I’m moving into my heart.” Remind yourself throughout the day, “I’m so glad I moved into my heart for the day.”

The next two weeks are the very best time of the entire year to get clear and get serious.

All five planets are direct –their motion is unimpeded. The direction they’ll take is the one you set — with your intentions and actions. Once February’s eclipse energy begins to unfold, things are going to begin shifting very quickly. It will be months before things settle down. Any baggage you’re carrying will be a serious liability. Don’t wait. Because this is the year when anything can happen, Beautiful — if you will be the space where it’s possible.
May every step on the way bless you, a thousand ways, a thousand times over.
With love,
Marcia (aka Star Sister)

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