Astrology & You: The Cosmos Within

The entire whirling, spinning, turning Universe is vibrating with energy.

Tremendous energy emanates from the center of the Milky Way–the creation matrix known as the Dark Rift. Our star constantly seeds our solar system with its own substance as it journeys around the Galactic Center.  Every corner of the cosmos is energetically alive. 


You absorb this tremendous energy through sunlight. You receive it through the soles of your feet, where it travels up through your spinal cord to the brain. And its cosmic vibrations resonate with the unique energetic map of the cosmos that you carry within you.


Astrology & You: The Cosmos Within

Within the sacred hoop of stars that encircles our Sun are twelve constellations. Each one of them is a cosmic territory. These territories contain the twelve astrological signs. Every one of them has its own, distinctive cosmic power. While your Sun sign is the power that enlivens your heart, your unique birth chart contains all twelve signs. The full complement of cosmic power is within you.


Your birth chart shows you where all these forms of power are located within you and how to tap them. It’s both a literal and symbolic map of the sacred hoop of the zodiac–a cosmic mandala that portrays our solar system as it appeared from the precise location and at the exact moment of your birth.


With your first breath, you were imprinted with this energetic pattern. Throughout your lifetime, you carry it within you. It is as unique as your DNA, identifying you as a once-in-the-Universe being. At your deepest core, you are a human expression of a never-to-be-repeated moment in the life of the Universe.


 The entire cosmos, and its splendid diversity of power and presence, is within you. Astrology shows us that power takes many different forms and shares a common source—the Universe. No one has more, and no one has less. We are all born with what we need. Start by reading your Sun sign.  And then keep reading. The entire cosmos is within you.


Over more than a quarter century of studying astrology, and a lifetime of devouring ancient mythology, I have come to see that the myths that decoded the Universe for the ancients were formed from the same wisdom stream as astrology. These stories are like shared dreams that sleep in our Deep Memory. They describe the inner structures and the energetic patterns that,long ago, in the Deep Time, formed the foundation of reality as we experience it today.


Returning to the stories of our Deep Memory, we can release their magic into our lives and our world. We can see how we continue the stories with our lives–and weave the Sacred Present into the fabric of Deep Time. We can find the way to the Ancient Future, resonant and soulful, that is emerging in our midst.