Buddha Purnima, the full moon of the Buddha.

Scorpio is the most intense — and let’s face it, power-driven — sign of the zodiac.

It’s probably not what first comes to your mind when you think of the Buddha. Yet it’s the Full Moon in Scorpio, not Taurus or Pisces, Libra or Cancer, that’s celebrated worldwide as the Buddha Purnima, the full moon of the Buddha. At 5:44 pm EDT 05-10 , she’s ripening to perfect fullness.

It’s when Luna is full in the sign most associated with burning desire and obsession that 300 million Buddhists around the globe celebrate the birth, enlightenment, and death of Siddhartha Gautama, who was born a prince and died as the Buddha. The fact that Wesak, as the Buddha Moon is known, happens in Scorpio tells us that power is the Buddha’s very essence. The power to transform yourself, your life, and reality is the deepest form of power in our solar system.  It’s yours, too.

You don’t have to look any further than the news headlines — or your own precious life — to see that revelations about power are at the center of this Scorpio Full Moon.

Your heart: an evolutionary re-set zone

The Buddha Moon isn’t the only cosmic event happening today. Our evolutionary GPS — the Moon’s North Node — is shifting energy. As the True Node enters the sign of Leo, for the first time since 1998, the path to the good future is changing too. For the next 18 months, that path leads straight through your heart, a fractal of the great heart of our solar system. Within you and around you, that’s the power that holds our reality, and your life, together. It’s time to re-connect with it, more deeply than you ever thought possible.

Just yesterday, 05-09, that Great Heart, our Sun, exchanged the strong, flowing energy of a trine with Pluto, the planet who rules Scorpio — and this Buddha Moon. Pluto is the deeply buried power within you, and around you, that catalyzes the process of metamorphosis we experience as death and dissolution, and also as birth and regeneration. Pluto is the life-changing secret buried inside your obsessions, your powerlessness, and your control games.

And today,05-10, as she ripens into perfect, revelatory fullness, Luna herself forms a sextile with the Cosmic Transformer and his life-changing power. She’s creating new opportunity for you to claim your power not just at the level of your mind, but in your cellular intelligence, your gut instinct, and your intuitive wisdom.

You’re being invited to engage this power at a whole new level. It’s not being handed to you to recieve. You’re not being filled up with it like an empty cup. There’s nothing passive about this process. You’ve got to do something.

And the key to unlocking that power is knowing what it is you need to do. Not what I need to do, or your best friend (or worst enemy). Your right action is yours alone– as unique as your birth chart.

As the ancient god of the underworld, Pluto wore a helmet that made him invisible. If we use our outer eyes to determine what the Cosmic Transformer is up to, and what he’s asking of us, we’ll always be focusing on an effect, not a cause.  As always, the sky around us carries the code to the sky within. It’s our cosmic mirror, and here’s what it’s telling us today:

Your partnerships: empowering — or disempowering?

Pluto, the ruler of this Full Moon sky, is almost exactly conjunct Juno, the asteroid who carries the primordial feminine frequencies of partnership. A merging of partnership and power is almost ready to happen.Almost — but not quite. Juno is actually moving away from Pluto. She turned retrograde yesterday — just a degree away conjuncting the transformer for the first time in almost four years. A cycle that began in 2013 is almost ready to come to an end. Almost. “Not yet,” Juno realized. “I’m not ready. I’ve left behind something I’m going to need if I’m going to partner with you.”

Juno is the ancient goddess of marriage. Known in the Deep Time as Hera, she was first the Great Goddess who lost power to the rising masculine. Power and its imbalance is a central reality of her marriage — and so are the patterns of manipulation, control, and mistrust that arise from disempowerment.

In Capricorn, where Juno has just turned away from Pluto, long-term commitment and a structure of trust and enduring wisdom are what she needs for empowered partnership.


Without those, power struggles, violence, and dictatorial strategies are what happen when she and Pluto come together.

Thanks to her retrograde turn away from the Transformer, that meeting, and the new beginning for empowered partnering won’t take place until November. For the next five months, Juno will be restructuring the balance between power, powerlessness, and relationship.  And so will you.

She’s starting within herself. And so are you.  She won’t stop there, though. And neither will you.

The part of you who’s calling the shots for both Juno and Pluto is Saturn. Capricorn is his sign. And as we are all experiencing, our Manifestor is on the verge of overwhelm these days. He’s conjunct the Galactic Center, pushing himself — and you too — to the limit of what we know how to manifest and ground. He in the zone of breakdown and/or breakthrough.  And so are we.Raising the stakes are Pluto’s squares with the fierce truth of Eris, the strategic brilliance of the asteroid Pallas Athena, and the blessings of Jupiter. At every turn, power is on the table now! If you don’t make breakthroughs in the way you access your power, someone else is going to make a breakthrough in the way.

Making that breakthrough

Start with your heart. Engage from there. Don’t be aloof.

Refuse to keep any part of yourself outside the circle of your love. Just. don’t. do. it. Be especially sure you make room for:

  • Your fiercest, edgiest, and most transformational truth, aka the dwarf planet Eris.
  • Your ground-breaking brilliance, aka the asteroid Pallas Athena.
  • The space you hold for the grace and empowerment we call “healing,” aka the centaur Chariklo, the Lady Chiron.

Hold big,

empowered space for flashes of inspiration about how to act, how to move toward blessing, and how to transform. Three rare and seldom-noticed aspects known as quintiles are lighting up your inner sky with cosmic inspiration in the 13-hour period surrounding this Full Moon. To receive them, you need to hold space — in your mind, your words, and in your actions — for what you do not yet know:

  • Just before the Full Moon, Mars biquintiles Pluto, empowering your ability to take transformative action.
  • An hour later, the Sun biquintiles Jupiter, empowering your heart with the grace of wisdom.
  • And in the early hours of Wednesday for North America (late morning and early afternoon east of the atlantic),the Sun biquintiles Saturn, empowering your heart in ways that can transform your reality.

The next few weeks can feel tricky, as we begin to see the heart as the key to freeing the great bird of fire within us. The ancients called that bird the phoenix. She rises from the ashes of the old story, the one that does not inspire you and fill you with creativity and joy. It’s time now, our evolutionary compass, the Node, is telling us, to begin to live a new story, a story of metamorphosis, of rebirth, and regeneration.   It’s time to hear that story, to tell it — and to be the space where it can comes true .

May that story bless you a thousand times, a thousand ways.

With blessings and love,
Marcia (aka Star Sister)

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