Kuiper Belt Objects

Kuiper Belt Objects: KB1, Our Threshold Guide

Mercury, who normally speeds through a sign in three weeks, is spending 8 days in 4 Taurus. By Monday night, April 9, it had taken our Cosmic Messenger 3 days to go almost all the way to 5 Taurus. But instead, almost there, he stopped, and took a deep dive. He was less than half […]

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Kuiper Belt Objects: Quaoar

Pow-wowing with the Wisdom Goddess isn’t’ the only thing the Queen of Heaven is up to while she’s vacationing at the Aires Point this weekend. She’s squaring off with the edge-dweller Quaoar, whose frequencies are those that sing and dance new realities into being. Way out in the Kuiper Belt, he holds a space bigger […]

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