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Something wonderful is happening to you this fall. Within you and around you, new space is opening up between all that you believe in, all that inspires you most deeply, and the way you make it real. It’s the most exciting – and challenging – thing that’s happened in your lifetime, or mine. You’re stepping into a whole new reality.

Over the last few years, the energetic underpinnings of your life — and of our world — have been shock-tested by the two mightiest change agents in our solar system. As Uranus and Pluto pulled our reality apart with barely a pause for 33 months, anything that was a weak carrier of life force was probably swept away. It might have been visible to everyone who knows you. It might have occurred deep within, changing you from the inside out, slowly but irrevocably.


Now another capacity test is on the way. This one comes from Saturn, Jupiter, and Neptune. With the energetic frequencies coming to Earth dramatically and rapidly accelerating, the most important questions in your life are these:

  • How much space can you hold for the dreams in your heart?
  • How much creative inspiration and spiritual guidance can you contain?
  • How big is the yes you can say to life?

This fall, we enter a new phase. It’s time to begin to unravel an old and outworn reality – and to reweave a new one.
As we go to the next level, whole new realms of possibility are opening up. New levels of intuition and trust in the Cosmos will be essential. New forms of accessing the guidance of the Universe are needed.


That’s why I’m inviting you to be a

founding member of

Star Sister Circle!

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About the Circle


The circle is a timeless cosmic energy. The Earth, the Moon, and all the planets in our solar system move in circles around the Sun, and with the Sun, we’re circling Great Mystery at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy. And it was in non-hierarchical circles, composed predominantly of women, that the great spiritual tradition known as Tantra first emerged.

Our circle will be a space to:

  • Learn from the greatest of all teachers, the Cosmos, about the possibilities and challenges unfolding before us.
  • Recognize the great cycles of change as they move through your life and nurture your intimacy with the key energies they’re activating, so you can collaborate with the Cosmos more fully than ever.
  • Hold space for the dreams of your heart to unfold.
  • Be supported by the wisdom of all who are in the Circle.


The Star Sister Circle is like the Cosmos at its center – it’s energetic.

No requirements or expectations. Nothing to add to your “should” or your “must” list.

Come as you feel the need, the desire, and the time, to access:

    • cutting-edge information from a private section of my website
    • “between the moons” updates and guidance from me
    • recordings of regular “after the moons” calls with me,
    • special briefings and tutorials on topics of importance to the Circle — including the central role played by the Cosmic Feminine energies of Venus, the Moon, the asteroids, the multidimensional integrators known as centaurs, our solar system’s newly discovered planets, and the sacred stars of the Goddess.
    • a private Facebook page to exchange perspectives, experiences, and support from the entire circle.
    • discounts on readings:  Once a month you can order ONE reading with a discount for the amount of your monthly membership ($29.95)  So your membership is essentially free that month!
    • More discounts and specials announced as we build the circle.
    • There are no contracts and you can leave the circle at any time.

In the Star Sister Circle, we’ll dive deep into the unfolding energies. We’ll learn to read the opportunities waiting to be discovered in the heart of our trials. We’ll become experts at recognizing the ways to tap the inherent power of cosmic cycles.


Like everyone else on our planet, you’re stepping into the unknown. The more you understand the unfolding energetic patterns in the Cosmos around you, the easier it will be to recognize how fully you are being supported at every moment – no matter how confusing or difficult life seems in the moment.


The unique map of the great and fractal whole we call the Universe that astrology provides has never had more to offer you.


I hope you’ll join us in the Star Sister Circle for just $29.95 per month.



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  • SaraMalik September 17, 2015   Reply

    Oh, Marcia.. that was soon fun! I loved hearing all your juicy encouragement of creativity during our str movements.

    I want to sign up, but am not sure if i can budget the $$ indefinitely, as we are adjusting to retirement income now. Can I drop out anytime? (Although I won’t WANT to, I am sure).

    Much affection,
    Bloomington, IN

  • Kate McCarthy September 17, 2015   Reply

    are there anymore readings available with membership? I just listened to the recording and was wondering if any of the spots were left.
    thank you.


    p.s. the moderation of the call was exceptional. I felt like the questions and guidance really moved the conversation into a beautiful symphony.

  • Penny MacNeil November 11, 2015   Reply

    Oh..I really want to join this. It’s perfect.

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