The Power of Vows





Reset Your Soul Vows . . .

and  Activate Your Life Plan

Journey with Your Heart  through the

Total Solar Eclipse of 2017  

Guided by Natalie Cutsforth and Marcia Wade

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Our First Live Call is June 27th at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern time

We will meet once a month for four months (June through September) to align with our souls

and dance the planets!

You will experience:

Ritual creation, journaling and discovery exercises

Four Live Sessions (recorded for your convenience)

Rich Resource Materials

A Community for feedback and support via a private “Soul Vows” Facebook Page

Optional discounted personal astrological and/or clairvoyant readings

Be ready for the solar eclipse of a lifetime

A life-changing eclipse is on the way — and it’s inviting you to transform your path by super-charging the deep,

creative power of your heart and your soul.

Your vows and agreements  carry life-changing power.  When you make a vow, you release the creative frequencies of your intention at every level of your being.  Infused with the energy of your soul, they shape every minute of your life.

August 2017 brings a global deadline: it’s time to realign your vows. We’re all in a critical window of preparation for a total solar eclipse in Leo. For many, the massive surge of heart-centered realignment it brings will be life-changing.  

The key to using this window to empower your life? Your relationship with your vows.  Realigning commitments your soul has made throughout your life — and even before you were born — with the  deepest truths of your evolving experience, you  can open as never before to the life you came here to live.

Our Guiding Tenets

  • You’re a unique and brilliant focal point  of a creative, fractal universe. Nothing is missing from who you are. Even your challenges are intrinsic to the unfolding of your unique gift.

  • Your soul is coded with the power to transform your life and your reality.

  • You have free will and with it the power to consciously change your soul’s path.

  • You came equipped with all you need to realize your own divine purpose.



  • What your soul vows are and why they’re so powerful
  • What your astrological map reveals about the creative power of your soul
  • Guided meditation to prepare to clear your energy field to clearly create new vows
  • How to map your agreements and vows and determine what you’re ready to release, update and create in your life


  • Key indicators of your cosmic “vow power”  and how to find them, including: the Lunar Nodes, Moon, and the planets of the Kuiper Belt (Orcus, Nessus, Haumea, Eris, and QB1)
  • Key timelines and other sensitive periods, from: transits, lunations, and eclipsess, and to planetary retrogrades and progressions.
  • Resources for ongoing guidance and how to use them





  • The power of personal ritual
  • Key components of meaningful rituals
  • How to call in your spirit guides, sacred council, and planetary guides






  • Completing your personal ritual: guidelines
  • How our collective intentions empower of your commitments












  • Group sharing and processing
  • Tools for integrating the new energies
  • Tips and timelines for continuing astrological support
  • Engaging in ongoing co-creation with the power of your vows.
  • Ongoing co-creating with the power of your vows


Natalie Cutsforth

Natalie Cutsforth helps women and men on the path of self-actualization align with their soul essence through accessing intuition, releasing unconscious blocks and updating soul agreements. She is a clairvoyant reader who sees where healing is available through release of unresolved energy in the soul’s memory that impacts the physical, mental or emotional bodies. Natalie’s grounded approach to mystical healing comes from exercising her analytical mind while equally honoring her intuitive guidance.


Marcia Wade

Known to thousands of people worldwide as Star Sister, Marcia Wade brings decades of study of astrology, ancient mythology, and the energetic signatures of  the Sacred Feminine to her work at Star Sister Astrology.  A growing focus of her work is the new planet discoveries that are transforming our consciousness and our  lives.


  • Are you ready for  the tools that allow you to fully engage the life-shaping power you brought with you into this world — the power of your soul vows and agreements?

  • Do you feel subtle or strong undercurrents that are keeping you separate from the life you would like to live? These are outdated soul vows limiting you NOW!

  • Do you long to align with your higher Self and the power of the Universe in creating the life you desire?

Then this course is for you!


Package the Class with Personal Readings for maximum impact!  A limited number of discounted private readings are available between now and the Total Solar Eclipse August 21st 2017. Learn from Marcia exactly what this eclipse will mean for your life and how to fully engage its life-changing purpose. Receive a clairvoyant reading and healing from Natalie to clear old patterns in your soul’s memory.

Star Package: Course $180 + 1 session with either Marcia or Natalie $160 ($340 value)


Eclipse Package: Course $180 + 1 reading Natalie $160 + 1 reading Marcia $160 ($500 value)



Testimonials from Marcia’s clients:

“Dearest Marcia, I am sooo grateful for your thoughtful, meaningful, heartfelt session. The information you provided will support me to evolve and to do my soul’s work with clarity, consciousness, integrity (and kindness to myself).” — Donna
“Thank you thank you thank you for the amazing reading. I feel so at ease after your reading — guided and protected.” — Lena
“Thank you for the wonderful work that you have done for me and so many of my friends and family. I can say unequivocally that your reading really has helped to change my life. I am having a fantastic year so far, and having gained some perspective, I feel hopeful and happy each day.” — Heather
“I’ve had a few astrological readings and none come close to what I gain from talking to you.” — Anne

Testimonials from Natalie’s clients:

“Natalie’s reading stands prominent among many sessions with spiritual seers and healers. Not only does Natalie have the psychic vision, but she also has the undeniable gift of the Healer. In humility, she carries the power to clear energies that no longer serve and also the power to invoke the Light for seekers. I left my “reading” feeling relief from karmic weight that I’d carried for lifetimes. With Natalie’s sight and guidance, I was able to hit the “reset” button on my life and begin anew from a place of greater understanding and a sense of purpose I never had before.” – Whittney L.
“I woke up the next morning able to breathe more easily than I had in years. Natalie was able to help me gain insight into doubts, confusions and heal physical pain that I’d been unable to remedy through MD’s and acupuncture. She’s offered me powerful, life changing support.”  — Goli D.
‘Our session has made me feel in touch with my own life. Your insights were feng shui applied to the room in my soul where I really live. It was cluttered and dark. A candle and a broom was just what I needed, at just the right time.” — Geoffrey T.
“I feel an overwhelming sense of joy and energy after the session. It is exciting to think about new possibilities now that these energies have been cleared.” — Danette M.