Four Things You Reallly Need to Know Today

The Moon and Mercury are running the show today, and if you’re tuning it, their directions really couldn’t be clearer.  Each one of the energetic themes below reinforces the other.  It’s a  four-part harmony.
Much more on what’s ahead is coming up soon.  In the meantime, here’s the scoop you really need to know right now:

1. The Moon is waning.   The lunar cycle is now focused on releasing energy, following last week’s powerful full moon in the earth sign of Taurus.  There’s no better time to eliminate unwanted energy from our lives than now.  To leverage the energy of the Cosmos, cue up your actions with the part of your birth chart that Luna is currently energizing (see below).

2. The Moon is in Cancer. This is the moon’s own sign and she’s never more powerful than when she’s here.  The part of your birth chart that contains the sign of Cancer is where you want to focus your attention on letting go of toxic energies.  Waning Cancer Moon in the 6th House? Let go of patterns of over-work, stress-related illness.  In the 8th House?  Release the energetic patterns of debt.  In the 3rd House? Eliminate negative thought patterns and time-wasting routines.  In the 12th House? Purge your closets, both literal and emotional.

3. The Moon is Void of Course–until 3:39 EDT Monday, November 5.  The Moon changes signs every two and a half days and after she makes her last contact with another planet before changing signs, she takes a break.  For anywhere from five minutes to 24 hours or more, the powerful lunar energy is withdrawn from our outer lives and focused on the inner realm.  These are powerful times for renewing the yin energy that fuels our lives.   For making things happen in the outer world, not so much.

4. Mercury is nearly halfway through the “storm” that precedes his retrograde station. Mercury creates a storm effect in our energy fields when this fast-moving cosmic messenger slows down to a crawl, just before turning retrograde (this time it will be Tuesday evening, just after the polls close.  Dozens of astrologers have been watching this particular Mercury retrograde for months, and my take on what it means is coming soon.)

The Mercury storm brings delays and mishaps.  Coming amid a Void of Course Cancer Moon, it’s all the more reason to take some time to nurture yourself today.  Take a long bath.  Cook some soup.  Cocoon. Big times are ahead, and you want to be ready.