Full Moon in Leo: Feed the Heart’s Fire


After a frenetic week of networking and deal-making, the Leo Full Moon calls us to celebrate the truth of our hearts.

After a frenetic week of networking and deal-making, the Leo Full Moon calls us to celebrate the truth of our hearts.


You’re probably still catching your breath from last week’s flurry of  networking and deal-making.  It was pretty much just what you’d expect with three planets in Aquarius , Jupiter in Gemini, and Saturn and Pluto creating intense and focused opportunity from Scorpio and Capricorn. What’s coming up, though, is very different.

We’re headed into the deep waters.  Almost as soon as Jupiter ends his nearly four-month retrograde vision quest on Wednesday, the energetic balance will begin to shift.

Jupiter Ends His Vision Quest

Since October 5, Jupiter, the Cosmic Blessing Giver, has been looking for something you need to access more of his grace and abundance—but you’ve lost it. Or you’ve forgotten it.  Or it’s something you’ve just overlooked. 

Jupiter’s been backtracking through Gemini, the sign of the Twins.  It’s very likely that what he’s been looking for is in the underappreciated “non-dominant side” of your mind.  If you’re normally logical and linear, he’s probably been going through your dreams, your intuitions, your moods.  If intuition and emotion are your personal navigation tools, he might be searching your routines, your organizational state, or your goals.  He’s looking at the way you see reality and the way you see yourself.  It’s safe to say that something’s been missing there.  You’ll find out soon enough. Jupiter’s wrapping up the vision quest now.

The Water Immersion Is About to Begin

On Friday, just two days after Jupiter turns direct, Mars enters the dreamy, intuitive, and creative waters of Pisces.  Neptune, the Cosmic Dreamer himself, will be waiting to welcome the Warrior into his watery realm.  A few days later, Mercury will follow Mars into Neptune’s watery embrace.  The Messenger and the Warrior are about to shift from seeing the big picture to feeling the magic.

Neptune will be in his full powers, beginning the second year in his own sign for the first time in 160 years.  He’ll be shifting perception, motivation, and action as he recruits the Warrior and the Messenger to his cause.  So get ready.

And how does one prepare for a total immersion of their mind and their drive?  One thing is critical if you want to think creatively, not foggily, and act with inspiration, not confusion.  Feed your inner fire.

The heart is ruled by the Sun, where the Cosmic Fire lights up your inner sky.

The heart is ruled by the Sun, where the Cosmic Fire lights up your inner sky.

Feeding the Inner Fire

That’s exactly what the Cosmos invites you to do this weekend. Early today, the Moon moved into Leo, the sign of our Star and the divine spark that it carries to every birth chart.  All day, Luna will wax towards fullness.  It happens just before midnight in the U.S. Eastern time zone.  If ever there was a time to feed your inner fire until it blazes, this weekend is it.


Leo & the Intelligence of the Heart

The inner fire burns in the heart, which Leo rules. It’s the focal point of love-wisdom. Western science has only recently re-discovered  ancient awarenesss of heart’s intrinsic intelligence.   J. Andrew Armour called it the “heart brain.”  His 1991 research confirmed a complex nervous system in the heart which constantly exchanges information with the “head brain.”  When the heart experiences positive emotions, it stabilizes the head brain and promotes greater intuitive, cognitive, and overall coherence and clarity.

Working alone, the “head brain” isn’t up to the task of guiding our lives. “You head isn’t grounded in the reality of your body,” says Suzanne Steinbaum, author of Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book. “Let your heart be the center and watch your whole life transform.”

As we prepare to enter the waters, it’s time to connect with the truth of our hearts.  The most important thing we can do—this weekend and throughout our lives—is to connect with our hearts and with our hearts’ joy. These are the questions whose answers can guide us:

What lights you up?

What sets you on fire?

What gives you joy?

What would it mean to fall in love with your deepest self?

The truth of our hearts is what nurtures us, mind and body, soul and spirit.  The moon in Leo infuses our lunar nature—our emotions and our unconscious—with the radiance of the life-giving center of our corner of the inner and outer Universe.