Into the Inner Temple

The Sun enters Virgo today.  This hugely underestimated sign has a deep roots int he ancient world.  It belongs to the lineage of goddess cultures that flourished in the Age of Taurus, from Crete to Egypt and far beyond.  Over the millenia since then, we’ve lost touch with the potent spiritual essence of the Cosmic Virgin and her sign. (As the current political dust-ups unfolding around the control and violation of women’s bodies illustrate all too clearly–or maybe just clearly enough for show us the underlying energetic structures .)

Across the ancient world, women whose lives were dedicated to serving the goddess and maintain her temples were known for millenia as “virgins.” Their status had nothing to do with sexual chastity and everything to do with an overriding life commitment to the laws of the Divine Feminine.

Virgo is the energetic space of our own inner temple.  We find it wherever this sing falls in our birth chart.  This year, Virgo will be the scene of some extraordinarily powerful cosmic ceremonies of transformation.  The second of the seven epic collisions taking between Uranus the Awakener and Pluto the Trnasformer will tak e place on September 19, in the final days of our Star’s sojourn in the Virgin’s sign.  You could think of each of these squares as a gate, much like the seven gates the goddess Innanna entered on her own, life-restoring journey of transformation.

Today as our Star enters the Virgin’s sacred space, Venus gives  Mars a send off as he carries the flag of will, desire, and action into the transformation zone of Scorpio. In  the sign of the Great Goddess, Venus is sitting at the side of the archetypal Wise Old Man today.. The Sabian symbol for this degree of Cancer paints an evocative picture:  “A very old man faces a vast dark space to the northeast.”  In An Astrological Mandala, trailblazing astrologer Dane Rudhyar reminds us that in spiritual tradition, cosmic forces enter the Earth plane from the Northeast. In her farewell embrace, Venus bestows this boon on Mars. She’s reminding him — and us — what the journey is really all about.

When these cosmic lovers meet again, just after the second of the seven epic dust-ups bewteen Uranus sthe Awakener, sparks will fly.  That will be another story.

For now, Mars makes his way through the last two degrees of Libra.  Their energy is profoundl. It’s rooted in the power of consciousness to shape the future. it’s why Mars needed that boon from Venus. Action, not wisdom, is his mode.  The Cosmic Feminine is speaking to us too:  action wtihout wisdom is worse than pointless now Do what I’m doing, Venus is telling Mars.  Seek the spiritual wisdom of the cosmos.  Then take action.