Kuiper Belt Objects: KB1, Our Threshold Guide

Marcia Wade

Mercury, who normally speeds through a sign in three weeks, is spending 8 days in 4 Taurus.

By Monday night, April 9, it had taken our Cosmic Messenger 3 days to go almost all the way to 5 Taurus. But instead, almost there, he stopped, and took a deep dive. He was less than half a degree away from our mysterious, nameless threshold guide, whose orbit holds a huge space in our reality.

Tomorrow between midnight and dawn, Mercury and his guide across the threshold, meet in the same minute of the same degree. This is the second conjunction in five days. The third will take place until May 20, immediately after a Saturn-Uranus trine that opens the way to a six month period of restructuring the relationship between our reality and the quantum realm.

This week’s meetings of Mercury and KB1 are preparing the way for quantum shifts —

and so is Mercury’s entire retrograde in the sign of the fertile, abundant earth, which begins by engaging the transformative Mystery of the earth and the body.

Tonight’s a good day to pay attention to dreams. The entire three weeks ahead are a good time to pay attention to the body and the earth, and to listen to the deep intelligence of cells and grids, bones and atoms, and sing with the bacteria and the bugs.