Leo Lunar Eclipse is bringing you everything you need to free your heart.

Leo Lunar Eclipse explained:

as you read these words, a great current of fire is flowing through your life. It’s linking your heart with the Great Mystery at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy — and also with the edgiest, fiercest truth of both your soul and the world soul.

Leo Lunar Eclipse

Feb 10th Lunar Eclipse in Leo (7:34 pm EST) is a fire blessing of the Heart.

The heart is too often portrayed by the culture of domination as something weak, sentimental, and also trivial — not the massive blaze of life-sustaining creative power whose force field holds the Universe together.

It’s time to liberate that power into your life and into our world —

by releasing the patterns of feeling, thinking, acting,  and most important of all, of intention, that are too small for your heart. Feb 10th Leo Lunar eclipse is the first of eight that will take place in the signs of Leo and Aquarius over the next two years, bringing a re-boot in the relationship between your heart and the future.
Luna brings her heart message to you with the fiery clarity of a prophet. Occurring near our planetary GPS, the  Moon’s North Node, this lunar eclipse brings news of liberation. The evolutionary currents are shifting. In April, for the first time since 1998, the North Node will enter Leo, beginning an 18-month period of re-alignment of your life, and of the human future, with the heart.

Leo Lunar Eclipse

This isn’t going to happen “to ” you.  It’s going to happen “through” you.  The Universe is an inside-out job. The fire that can change the world is already burning — in your own heart. What does it need to blaze so brightly that it can change your life? And our reality? Where are the patterns that could stifle it, that need to be released before your life-renewing joy, clarity, passion, and drive are extinguished?

Right now, these are the most important questions of your life. The answers are your roadmap to the future.

The currents sweeping through your heart today are forming a powerful and auspicious pattern known as a grand trine. Furthermore, they’re linking Luna’s emotional intelligence (so deep and vast it penetrates the cellular level), with the forces of both quantum change and stability, ready and waiting to flow through you into the world:
  • Saturn, the Gatekeeper of our Reality,  is just 2 ½ degrees from the Galactic Center, tapping an energy center that’s 100,000 light years across, with the power to shift reality on a dime. Embedded into this eclipse field is the imperative to your heart:  make it real. Don’t just talk about it. Don’t just think about it. Make it real. Use the gift of fire to take action.
  • Eris, the teller of the soul-level truth that will no longer be silenced, is traveling arm-in-arm with Uranus, your pipeline to quantum change
  • . Both Saturn and Eris are creating a new opportunity for blessing and grace with Jupiter, our solar system’s largest planet. Just four days into a four-month retrograde mission to rework and expand your capacity to receive blessing, the Great One is using every quanta of this fire blessing to empower the work he’s doing for you, far beneath the surface of your life.

Leo Lunar Eclipse explained…

Leo Lunar Eclipse universe

Like everything in the Universe, eclipses come in cycles.

Our lives are not straight lines. They’re circles of relatedness, spiraling further out, and deeper into, the Great Mystery. Furthermore your connection with the Universe is so intimate, and so potent, that your creative power reaches not only across space, but across time.

Feb 10th eclipse brings energy arising from events that were set in motion long ago – by the seeds created at the last solar eclipse, as well as in the last solar eclipse in this sign and the last one in this degree:
September 1, 2016, when a Virgo solar eclipse (near Hillary Clinton’s Midheaven and almost exactly conjunct Donald Trump’s Ascendant) presaged the pivot point in the US presidential election.
August 2008, when a Leo Solar Eclipse heralding metamorphosis took place less than 3 months before Barack Obama was elected president of the U.S., with Pluto, the Cosmic Transformer, returning for one final time to the last degrees of Sagittarius to first degree of Capricorn — degrees that Saturn is crossing this year, for the first time in 29 years.
August 1757, when a solar eclipse in 22 Leo occurred in the second year of the “Five Years War,” which was actually the first world war, involving all of the then-five “grand powers” and re-shaping the power relationships on five continents. This power, creating long before you were born, is arising now — in your heart and in our world. How will you respond to it? How will you act on it?The weeks ahead will be full of blessing and challenge — which is often the most expedient way to release blessing. The revelations that come today are those of the most creative visionary in the Universe, the Heart. You’re being invited to reshape energy and birth new realities, in the Cosmic Studio that is your own heart.

You’re at a pivot point in the greatest evolutionary sea crossing of the human experience.

At this point, the journey seems perilous and uncertain. Everything depends on the clarity and power of the seed you’re creating in your own heart.

Furthermore, we are entering an initiation prophesied over a half-century ago by Teilhard de Chardin, a French paleontologist, mystic, and censured Catholic priest, Like the U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Teilhard, as he was called, was warned by the Vatican. And yet he persisted writing his truths:  “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man [sic] will have discovered fire.”
Listen to your heart in the days ahead as never before. Seek what brings you joy. Do what feels creative. Take your intuition seriously. You are a child of the Universe, fully vested with all the rights and powers therein. Fan the fire that holds your being together.  Like you, it’s cosmic.
May your fire bring every blessing into your life through the Leo Lunar Eclipse and into our troubled world.
With love, always,
Star Sister (aka Marcia)

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