Be the space where life becomes new again, that’s the medicine of March 12th Virgo Full Moon

Hello Beautiful,

In the sky within and around you, a waxing moon is close to ripening. On 03-12 At 10:54 am EST, she’s bringing you the first fruit of the mind-bending Virgo energy. That’s been rolling through your life since the solar eclipse two weeks ago.
When a Pisces Moon eclipsed the Sun on February 26, blocking all but a slim, delicate ring of the cosmic fire at the heart of our solar system, a massive process of soul-level realignment began. The wave that’s been rolling through your life has been heart-splitting and mind-bending. Today, it’s cresting.
Virgo in full moon

Revelations are rolling onto the shore of your life today.  

Pay attention to them. Each one is coded with the frequencies of Virgo — grounded, gritty details arising from the intelligence of your gut and your nervous system.Every single one is bringing you information about you what you need to let go of, what you need to digest, and what you need to bring into alignment to make your life – and our world — new again.
This cresting full moon wave is being guided by the planet Mercury, who rules the ancient sign of the Virgin Goddess (Virgo). Today’s sky map is packed with data about what our tiny, potent Messenger – the most famous trickster in all the Cosmos — is telling you. Here are five of the key  ones:

1. The Virgo Messenger and the Manifestor to You: Dream anew — and make it real

Though he’s calling the shots for an earthy, grounded Virgo Full Moon, Mercury’s still in Pisces – one of the signs whose purpose is to “ unground” you so you don’t become stagnant and stuck, by giving you access to the infinite creative potential and mystical awareness of the Oneness. Today – and throughout the days ahead – you’re going to need your full-spectrum intelligence.

The vision you need will come from keeping your head in the (Pisces) starry sky and all its possibilities. The realism you need to avoid deluding or martyring yourself will come from keeping your feet on the (Virgo) ground, expanding your embodied reality one step at a time.

For the last two weeks, something new, edgy, mystical – and not altogether clear – has been unfolding. It still is. The dreaming and the fatigue, the empathy and the irritability, the confusion and the inspiration – all part of the creative process that dissolves and releases old patterns and seeds new ones.

Because you aren’t here only to dream. You’re fully empowered by the Cosmos to birth a new reality. And the pressure is on.

Just hours before Luna’s perfect fullness, Mercury squared Saturn. The Manifestor of our solar system doesn’t just want you to dream a new reality, or only to feel it. Saturn wants you to make it real – and he’s right here with just the push you need to do it. For the entire months of March and April and into May, Saturn is in near-exact alignment with the most dynamic, destabilizing, and transformational degree in the sky, the one that’s exactly aligned with the reality-shifting energy at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.Every year of your life, Mercury makes not one, but two, squares to Saturn, re-calibrating your thinking with what is – and what could be. This year, that square is infused with a potency that comes only once every 29 years.

The reality you’re bringing your thinking in line with today is the truth that you’re a cosmic being. Who’s connected in your heart to the power that brings stars and planets into being. You carry the creative impetus of the life force in every atom of your being. 

The challenge to release what’s toxic to your dreams and ground your inspiration into your daily reality has never been more real, or carried higher stakes
. Because no matter what things look like, don’t be fooled. In this field, reality can turn on a dime. 

2. The Virgo Messenger and the Heart: A fresh understanding, creating the space for a new reality

A brand-new understanding is growing within you about how to bring a new reality into being. Just four days ago, Mercury conjoined the Sun. Though still tender and young, this new intelligence is going to guide you through the fiery energies of the coming weeks. What it needs most from you right now is nurturing, protection, grounding – and listening. Just as a baby does for a new mother, the seed itself will evoke the knowledge within you – how to keep your feet on the ground, connected to the Earth’s core, while your head is in the stars, connected to the Cosmic Womb, as you bring a new reality into being.

This new awareness takes you right to the edge of your fear and your pain — and that of our broken world.  Don’t let that stop you. It’s actually a sign of the potency you’re engaging, and the nearness of breakthrough.

In the last 36 hours,   Mercury has conjoined Chiron and squared Saturn. In the next two weeks, he’ll merge your mind with the power of your love (conjoining Venus), face the challenge of all you’ve given power to outside yourself (as he squares Pluto) New Moon, and join forces with the breakthrough energy of the Quantum Awakener, Uranus. And as he biquintiles both Pluto and the North Node, he’ll bring you flashes of brilliant insight into your deepest power and your guiding purpose.3. Venus retrograde: Transforming the power of your love
As your new thinking develops, the power of what and why and how you love is undergoing deep metamorphosis. Venus is one week into a retrograde journey into the invisible reality. For the first time since July 2015, she’s dying to old ways of love that are too small now for who you are becoming. She’s ready to break new ground for the way you embody love.

In two weeks, on March 25 — two days before the Aries New Moon — she’ll meet the Sun and conceive a new dream of Love for you to embody. Until then, she’s stripping down to her essence, shedding all that’s too superficial and too far out of alignment to carry the life-renewing power of your love.

Wherever the first 13 degrees of Aries – and the last 3 degrees of Pisces — are located in your birth chart is where this profound process of shedding is occurring, preparing you for the deep regeneration of your ability to break new ground with the power of your love.

4. The Virgo Manifestor and the Galactic Center: Shifting reality from the heart

Throughout her journey, and throughout Mercury’s, Saturn, our Manifestor, is crawling through 27 degrees of Sagittarius — exactly aligned with the transformational cosmic womb space at the center of our galaxy. On Tuesday, Saturn made the first of three exact conjunctions with the Galactic Center. 

Anything involving Saturn is real and serious. He’s the gatekeeper of our reality, whose energy you use to manifest.

When he makes contact with the Galactic Center, anything can happen.

Twenty-five thousand light years across (almost the same distance that separates it from our Sun), this incomprehensibly massive Cosmic Womb takes up a full half-degree of the sky, every iota saturated with the most transformative frequencies in the galaxy.

All this year, that high-frequency energy is pouring into your field, through Saturn.Tuesday’s exact conjunction intensified the process – and it was just the beginning. Three more conjunctions are coming, in May and November. And all year, Saturn will be within a six-degree orb of conjunction of the power center at the heart of our galaxy.

What happens as the Galactic Center frequencies pour through Saturn is akin to cellular reprogramming. Those transformational vibrations are scanning your field, looking for resonant energy. They’re reaching all the way into the Dark Universe from which very atom in your being arises, the deep space of your own personal Universe. You can’t “control” this process. It’s far too overwhelming for that. What you can do is align, as completely as possible, with the core truth of your heart and the core purpose of your soul. It’s the only way to tap the power of the connection wired into your heart with this transformational womb space.

In your personal field, this energetic recalibration is happening wherever 27 degrees Sagittarius is located in your birth chart. Nothing I’ve ever told you has been more important than this, This is where you want to take a deeper — and more aligned — dive than ever before.  Because the reality-bending has already begun. 

5. The Quantum Liberator and the Fierce Truth of Eris: Your soul truth becomes your passcard through a wormhole

For almost a year now, Uranus, your pipeline to quantum breakthrough, has been aligned with Eris, the fierce energy of your soul’s truth.  Over the next five days, they’re merging their frequencies for the third and final time since June 2016. The degree where this quantum firing is happening — 22 Aries — is a space in the Universe that acts much like the wormholes that are believed to be shortcuts through the space-time labyrinth.
In the Chandra symbol system, the energy of this degree is described by “a bottle labeled ‘Drink Me.’” (And hasn’t your life in these last two weeks — and the ones that led up to them, too — had the quality of a freefall that’s taking you deeper and deeper down a rabbit hole?)

Whatever it takes, you want to hear the full-awakened truth that Eris carries — and honor it. By being the space that welcomes your most fierce truth, you’re inviting a power that can re-shape reality into your life.  You’re becoming the space where something – something creative and groundbreaking and liberating — comes into the world.

Up next:  Two game-changing weeks

March 14, the Sun conjoins Chiron, initiating your heart with the power that comes when you through the pain of disconnection from the full bandwidth of the Mystery – and into a greater connection than ever before.March 17, the Sun squares Saturn, pushing you to embody the truth of your heart more fully than ever, and Uranus conjoins Eris, awakening your fierce edge in a way you couldn’t have predicted.March 18, Mercury biquintiles the North Node and conjoins retrograde Venus, helping you see what to let go of to live more deeply on purpose than ever before.March 20, the Aries Equinox gate swings open, and the creative power of fire surges into your life, just hours before a Last Quarter Capricorn Moon shifts the energy into the lunar wisdom cycle and a deeper alignment with the creative intelligence of the Dark Universe, from which everything arisesMarch 21, the Sun quintiles Pluto – an empowerment for the heart

March 23, Mercury squares Pluto, pushing you to understand the ways you’ve given away your power – and what to let go of to take it back.

March 25, the Sun conjoins Venus, seeding a whole new way to bring the power of your love into every moment of your life.

March 27, the Aries New Moon
signals it’s time to begin anew.

As we move into deeper alignment with the truth coded into our hearts and our souls, remember the core truth of the Cosmos:  reality is created in the invisible realm. Action is critical — and when it’s aligned with your truth and freed from your baggage, it allows you to become a cosmic force.

Listen to your heart. Stand with it, moment by moment. It’s your connection with the deepest power of you — the creative dynamism of an infinite Universe, within and around you.

Wishing you a thousand blessings, every step of the way,
Marcia (aka Star Sister)

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