PISCES 1 A field of dandelions


A field of dandelions.

(If you are wondering what Pisces 1 is…0 Pisces, where the Sun is today.)

Pisces 1

Teeming with mass consciousness. You feel yourself to be as anonymous and undifferentiated as you can possibly be. Hiding in this identification is comfortable, cozy, and safe, and it can be prolonged indefinitely.

While you wait here with individuality suspended and all of life being right at hand, the most remarkable discoveries can take place. In particular, you are welcomed and invited to know the ancestors, to know the collective, to know the sweep of evolution intimately and compulsively, to be swept along on the tides of time, to stay bonded and rooted in the dream plant state.

It is a rapture and an abandon.

Eventually, it satiates itself. And then you are sprung very fresh and very new, to be free in the world, and to make the ultimate discovery of the vast difference between casting your fate to the winds and being vitally present in the moment’s dawning with a celebratory fervor.

What came up for you when you were reading this?

Did you feel the warmth? Over on Facebook the Stars Sisters were very inspired and felt the love come through it. A peaceful day.