Shifting Towards Breakthrough: Saturn and Mars Take Their Positions


Two of the multiple shifts that are about to unfold within you and around you take place today and tomorrow. These are enormous shifts, crucial not only to empowering breakthrough in your life but just as importantly, to your ability to contain and ground the breakthrough — to make it part of the reality of your life. Today we begin to structure our reality with new energy, blessed with the wisdom we’ve acquired in Saturn’s first year in the intensely transformational portion of the sky we know as Scorpio.  And tomorrow morning (7:05 a.m. EDT) we welcome the Cosmic Warrior back to Virgo, to lead us in fighting for life as he travels through the ancient sign of the Goddess.


Saturn in Scorpio:  Beyond the Vision Quest

The first involved Saturn, known to the ancients as the Guardian at the Gates to the Great Mystery.  For the final time in 39 years, the Guardian and Manifestor has returned to the precise location where he began his long, 5-month vision quest through 7 degrees of Scorpio.  The distance between February 2013 and now cannot be measured by a calendar. There’s no way to calibrate the multi-dimensional space that’s been opened in our consciousness by almost an entire solar system crowded into the sign of Pisces, or the  incandescence of a five-planet stellium in Aries, the long grand trine in water signs, the star tetrahedtrons, and another Uranus-Pluto square, sandwiched between two eclipses.

Saturn’s Quest for Your Power Medicine: February-July 2013

From February 18 through July 8, the Guardian & Manifestor searched beneath the surface of our lives. For nearly five months he searched  — wherever those 7 degrees of Scorpio fall in your one-of-a-kind birth chart — for something we needed but didn’t know it, something that would allow us to claim, more fully and completely, our transformative power.
Since July 8, Saturn has been retracing the steps of his vision quest, heading towards the new territory that lies beyond it. Today, he crossed the line.

From here on out, we’re tapping new energy when we create the structures — of thought, action, and intention — in which our lives unfold. The next few days are the best of times to review the structures you’re creating, and to be grateful for the wisdom you take with you from this year, into the future you’re already entering.

A month after Mars ended his 8-month tour of Virgo in 2011-12, the space rover Curiosity landed on the Red Planet and gave us a wholly new understanding of this celestial body long associated with passion, courage, and sexuality.

A month after Mars ended his 8-month tour of Virgo in 2011-12, the space rover Curiosity landed on the Red Planet and gave us a wholly new understanding of this celestial body long associated with passion, courage, and sexuality.

Mars in Virgo:  The Warrior in Service to the Goddess

The second cosmic shift of the day is the return of the Cosmic Warrior back to Virgo, the ancient sign of the Goddess. He’ll soon be receiving his starry benediction from Regulus, waiting in 0 degrees of Virgo to welcome each celestial guest with the stellar energy that has been associated with fame, wealth, glory and honor of every kind since the great astrologers of ancient Persia peered into the heavens and into its traces in human lives on earth.

The date of Mars’ last arrival in Virgo tells us how significant that visit was: 11/11/11.  The Warrior stayed in this ancient sign of the most sacred feminine mysteries for an extraordinary eight months, a visit that included a retrograde vision quest, a solar eclipse aligned with the central star of the Pleiades, Venus’ passage across the face of our Star, and the first of Uranus & Pluto’s world-changing squares. This tour will be much briefer — just 7 weeks — but will take us through equally magical energetic territory: a lunar and a solar eclipse and the 4th of the Uranus-Pluto squares.

“I hope you will be a warrior and fierce for change”

Virgo is above all the energy of consecration of one’s life energy to the cosmic order, and the potential of the Warrior when his passion and courage are dedicated to the service of Shakti, the great female being of the Universe, is tremendous indeed.  Close to a century ago, the writer Meridel Le Sueur articulated this potential with great eloquence in the short story “Annunciation.”  Written to an unborn child in the heart of the Great Depression, the story is a paean to the power of the life force:

Tonight the world into which you are coming is very strange and beautiful. . .  I hope you will glisten with the glisten of ancient life, the same beauty that is in a leaf or a wild rabbit, wild sweet beauty of limb and eye. . . There is something wild about us too, something tender and wild about my having you as a child, about your crouching so secretly here. There is something very tender and wild about it. We, too, are at the mercy of many hunters. . . .

“ I hope you will come glistening with life power, with it shining upon you as upon the feathers of birds. I hope you will be a warrior and fierce for change, so all can live.” 

Tonight we begin to tap new energy with which to structure our reality. And on behalf of every child on Planet Earth, born and unborn, we welcome the Warrior back to Virgo.