More space for your creative dreams

Today, a process of making more space for your creative dreams to become the reality of your life intensifies.

For days, tension has been building between Saturn, the Manifestor, and  Chiron, the Cosmic Healer. Today their square perfects. It’s their second, pivotal square since late December,  and it’s happening with Saturn conjunct the Galactic Center. It’s time, these two are telling you, to take your life to a whole new level.

They’re also making it clear — that you can’t live your truth more fully without deeper healing of the connection between your life and the Oneness. That connection is within you already. There’s nothing “missing.” It’s just trapped in patterns that are way too small for who you are becoming.

Those patterns might be your beliefs.

They might be your goals. There may not be enough room for compassion — for yourself and for others — or to fully *be* the medicine you seek. What happens today is showing you where — and how — to lean deeper than ever into the connection between your heart and soul and the heart and soul of the Universe. It’s showing you that that the relationship between them is in crisis.
This crisis peaks as our beautiful Luna has become a crescent. The four-day old New Moon seed of abundance and bliss hasn’t disintegrated. Far from it. Now it’s ready for breakthrough.
Over the coming days, her priority — and yours — is breaking free of the (sometimes comfortable) chains of the past.  Each time you do, the crescent energy opens new opportunities in response. It’s time to act on them.  Because the 26 days ahead have the potential to shape your life in ways that are truly spectacular:

At the boundary between breakdown and breakthrough

This month brings a new beginning in your relationship with fertile, abundant frequencies of the Earth.  Her ancient sign of Taurus is where this beginning was created, at Wednesday’s New Moon. The degree of the zodiac where it happened is just one of the signs of the extraordinary  potential that’s now ready to unfold.  The Chandra symbol for the energy of 6 Taurus is a large ruby inscribed with a prayer. One of the four precious gemstones, the ruby is second only to the diamond in its indestructability. Formed in the heart of the Earth from minerals created in stars, rubies are symbols of our Star, the Sun — and the imperfections that every single one of them contains only enhance the beauty of the light shining off them. They’re known as “silk.”

And today’s Saturn-Chiron square is lighting them up.

Over the next 26 days, the vibrant, passionate ruby energy is glowing with new, radiant life — wherever 6 Taurus is located in your one-of-a-kind birth chart. Taurus is where Luna is exalted. When she’s here, she’s wired for bliss. If she’s not feeling it, she’s finding it. And so are you, because the Moon is as close to you as the deep, rich current of your own emotional intelligence, running through every moment of your life.

Breaking new ground for the power of your love

The part of your birth chart filled with the frequencies of Taurus describes the part of your life that’s ruled by Venus. She’s the planet the ancients called the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the one who carries the power of your love — what you love, and how.  What you want, and why. And at this lunar cycle, Venus is new herself.  She’s still retracing the steps of her recent pilgrimage through the invisible parts of your life, where for 42 days in March and early April, she shed the dead skin of all that’s grown too small to hold the life-renewing power of your love.
She has a new dream now of how to love and what to value. With every step she takes, she’s understanding more and more about how  to break new ground for what you love and value.
This lunar cycle is her first great adventure — and yours.  Because like every other planet int he solar system, Venus is in no way separate from you.

And what an adventure it is taking you to the heights and the depths as you, too, break new ground with the Cosmic Love Goddess:

  • The Moon’s North Node, the legendary dragon energy that serves as our evolutionary GPS, is shifting from Virgo to Leo.  For the next 18 1/2 months, the path to the good future is through your heart. The beginning of this journey through the heart is actually a 10-day process that started today and ends May 9.
  • For a nearly unprecedented three consecutive weeks, a strongly positive, flowing trine between Saturn and Uranus, our pipeline is inviting you to make deep shifts that are both liberating and lasting. Increasing in potency every minute between now and May 19, this trine is gifting you with the power of riding the waves of change with ease.
  • Amplifying the breakthrough power of the Saturn-Uranus trine is the near-exact conjunction of Mercury, our Cosmic Messenger, and Uranus through the Full Moon in Scorpio on May 12.  After Mercury ends his ground-breaking retrograde on Wednesday, the breakthroughs of perception, understanding, and communication that can occur are likely to be fast, dynamic, and change-oriented.  With two exact conjunctions occurring on April 28 and May 10, your mind is on fire.
  • Eris, the fierce, edgy power of your soul’s deep truth, is deep into a process of confronting your capacity to rebirth reality that began last fall. The opposition between them is negotiating more room for your deepest, edgiest truth in the new reality you’re birthing.
  •  A total of eight little-known and rare alignments, known as quintiles and biquintiles, will infuse bursts of creativity and grace into the days ahead.  SIx of them will occur between now and that May 12 Full Moon.

You have everything you need to shift your life into alignment with your heart.

Even as you read these words, every blessing is being showered upon you.  All you need to be able to do is contain — and integrate — this high-frequency energy.
It sounds simple. And it is. Easy? That’s a whole other thing.
The push to the edge of breakdown
There’s no more transformative — and therefore destabilizing — energy in our galaxy than that of the Galactic Center.  Since mid-February, when Saturn moved within two degrees of an exact-to-the-minute alignment with this transformational vortex, it’s been pushing you to the limit of your confidence, your faith, and your ability to make your truth the reality of your life.

Now, it’s off the charts. The next exact conjunction of Saturn with the Galactic Center is less than week away. You’re encountering the most powerful energy created in our galaxy — pushing you right to your limit.

We’re just days away from the second of Saturn’s three exact-to-the-minute conjunctions with this supermassive transformational vortex — which ensures this lunar cycle will be as intense as it gets. To ride these waves, align with your heart and meet every moment from there. Not always easy — and unfailingly transformational, especially when it’s most difficult.

If what you’re manifesting from one minute to the next seems to be careening wildly — it’s actually a good sign, not a bad one. You can’t go past your limits until you know where they are. Especially when you’re learning to ride a wave that dwarfs our entire solar system, much less our planet.

This is a high-pressure process, much like the one that turns carbon into diamonds and rubies.

The medicine of the breaking point

The Universe — which is not just around you, but also within you — knows that sometimes we need to come to a breaking point to
As Saturn squares Chiron today,  you may feel as if you’re being personally escorted to your breaking point. With laser-like precision, these two are directing the precise amount of pressure that will help you recognize old ways of connecting to Source that are just too small now for the level of guidance and protection you need. It’s time now to begin letting those old ways go. To see the essence of your one-of-a-kind connection to the Universe, and make even more room for it in your heart and your life. To free up even more space for the future to be born in you, and through you.

May that future bless you a thousand times, a thousand ways.

With blessings and love,
Marcia (aka Star Sister)
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