Chiron-Pluto sextile

Tonight’s Gemini Full Moon brings you the key to the good future

If you think 2016 has been mind-bending, just wait — and pay very close attention to the astrology. The last four days have been a close encounter with what lies ahead — a year when Saturn, the gatekeeper of our reality, will be within a 7-degree orb of conjunction to the supermassive vortex of transformation at […]

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Grounding the Shift: Sextile Magic, Round 1

A week ago, nearly half the planets in the solar system were moving through Capricorn.  The most dynamic of the Earth signs is  deep. It’s full of gravity and weight.  Now, the energy that brings winter to the Earth is about to shift. Mercury, Messenger of the Gods, entered Aquarius early this morning.  Our Star […]

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When Breakthrough Feels Like Blow-Up: Full Moon in Aries

This weekend the Universe is pulling out the stops to shake us loose from whatever are keeping us stuck in dynamics that just aren’t big enough for the new life that is trying to be born in us—and in our world. In many ways, tomorrow’s Aries Full Moon is a repeat of last week’s Uranus-Pluto square […]

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