Aries New Moon – The life-changing power of your truth is now fully activated

Last night’s Aries New Moon propelled you into a whole new beginning. Deep beneath the surface — where everything begins — the greening force of life Aries, the power that makes everything new, is surging through your being. Infused with quantum codes for breakthrough and beginning, that force has been pulsing through your field for weeks. It’s carrying […]

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First Quarter Moon: Into the Ancient & Future Now

Today’s first quarter moon brings a note of crisis to the energetic mix. You’ve probably heard that there are two Chinese characters for the word “crisis,” one of them meaning “danger” and the other, “opportunity.”  The translation we’ve heard for years, though, is not accurate. One of the two characters does indeed mean “danger.”  The […]

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The Erotic as Power: Venus, Mars, and Eris at the Aries New Moon

  The Aries New Moon at 5:36 a.m. (U.S. EDT) on Wednesday brings the  fieriest seed energy for new beginnings of the entire year.  This is where the energy of our own personal spring is to be found.  Wherever this New Moon falls in our own birth chart is where we can break new ground. […]

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