Full Moon

Tonight’s Gemini Full Moon brings you the key to the good future

If you think 2016 has been mind-bending, just wait — and pay very close attention to the astrology. The last four days have been a close encounter with what lies ahead — a year when Saturn, the gatekeeper of our reality, will be within a 7-degree orb of conjunction to the supermassive vortex of transformation at […]

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Breaking Down and Breaking Through: Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon

We are deep in the force field of tomorrow afternoon’s powerful Taurus Moon (3:49 pm EDT).  This weekend has brought a dramatic shift in energies, as the volatile yang vibrations of fire and air came whirling into a yin sky, full of earth and water.   Venus’ and Mercury add to the heat as Venus enters Libra—and […]

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