Galactic Center

Scorpio New Moon: The magic is just beginning

You’ve been going deep, haven’t you?  Beginning today, you’ll start to understand why, with deeper clarity than ever. It’s been almost six weeks since Jupiter — our solar system’s largest planet and your pipeline to blessing and grace — entered Scorpio. Then Venus and the Sun joined him, bringing the power of your love and […]

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Robin Williams: A Walker Between the Worlds

Of all that has been written over the last 36 hours about Robin Williams’ death yesterday, little is as profound as  Clarissa Pinkola Estes’ essay, “Robin Williams is Gone, Ay, Long Live the Fisher King!”  The energy that swirled about him, she writes, was archetypal. “He learned for 63 years of his life how to […]

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From the Merkaba to the Full Moon: An Infinite Game Is Calling You

In the three weeks since the Star of David formed, the sky has become more fiery.  The power that it’s now generating is that of its two primary elements, water and fire.  It’s the power of steam, the form of water that releases toxins and is a source of enormous power. It’s been just three […]

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