Last Quarter Moon

Cherish yourself. That’s the life-changing medicine of tomorrow’s, 01-12, Cancer Full Moon

Hello, Beautiful, The waves of power in the sky within and around you are every bit as big as they seem — and they’re building. Each one is bringing an urgent message from the great forces of blessing, grace, deep truth, and quantum change that are addressing your heart and your soul. Each message comes […]

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3rd Quarter Moon Squares Uranus & Pluto: Choose Love

In her own sign of Cancer, Luna’s kicking off her Last Quarter Phase with maximum intensity.  The 3rd Quarter is the part of the Moon’s cycle our right brain receives the news that everything is about to change. The legendary 20th-century astrologer (and composer, poet, and concert pianist) famously called the 3rd Quarter Moon the […]

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Between Worlds: Last Quarter Moon in Cancer in the Uranus-Pluto Era

At 11:36 p.m. tonight in the U.S. Eastern time zone, we enter the space between worlds.  We’re exactly where the real cosmic magic happens, poised exactly between a powerful Full Moon in Pisces and a New Moon in Libra, that will be saturated in the primeval power the Hindu tradition knows as Kali. We’re in […]

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