lunar eclipse

Leo Lunar Eclipse is bringing you everything you need to free your heart.

Leo Lunar Eclipse explained: as you read these words, a great current of fire is flowing through your life. It’s linking your heart with the Great Mystery at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy — and also with the edgiest, fiercest truth of both your soul and the world soul. Feb 10th Lunar Eclipse in Leo (7:34 pm […]

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At the Sacred Well: Gemini-Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse 2012

Like all lunar eclipses, the last one of 2012 is a cosmic “reveal,” coming to show us something big–something enormous, in fact. Where it lies is just beneath our awareness. What it can change is everything. The last major cosmic event before the fabled Winter Solstic of 2012–a gateway to the deep, world-creating level of mythos—comes packed with power.  […]

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