marcia wade

Be the space where life becomes new again, that’s the medicine of March 12th Virgo Full Moon

Hello Beautiful, In the sky within and around you, a waxing moon is close to ripening. On 03-12 At 10:54 am EST, she’s bringing you the first fruit of the mind-bending Virgo energy. That’s been rolling through your life since the solar eclipse two weeks ago. When a Pisces Moon eclipsed the Sun on February 26, […]

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Cherish yourself. That’s the life-changing medicine of tomorrow’s, 01-12, Cancer Full Moon

Hello, Beautiful, The waves of power in the sky within and around you are every bit as big as they seem — and they’re building. Each one is bringing an urgent message from the great forces of blessing, grace, deep truth, and quantum change that are addressing your heart and your soul. Each message comes […]

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