Moon in Cancer

3rd Quarter Moon Squares Uranus & Pluto: Choose Love

In her own sign of Cancer, Luna’s kicking off her Last Quarter Phase with maximum intensity.  The 3rd Quarter is the part of the Moon’s cycle our right brain receives the news that everything is about to change. The legendary 20th-century astrologer (and composer, poet, and concert pianist) famously called the 3rd Quarter Moon the […]

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Four Things You Reallly Need to Know Today

The Moon and Mercury are running the show today, and if you’re tuning it, their directions really couldn’t be clearer.  Each one of the energetic themes below reinforces the other.  It’s a  four-part harmony. Much more on what’s ahead is coming up soon.  In the meantime, here’s the scoop you really need to know right now: 1. The […]

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