Venus in Virgo

In the Heart of the Star of David: The Cosmic Feminine Renews Herself

An extraordinary pattern of cosmic energy took shape in the skies yesterday. Striking for its stunning geometric complexity, this pattern is known to astrologers as a Star of David..  Also known as a Star Tetrahedron and a merkaba, it’s said by some esoteric teachers to be an interdimensional vehicle of light. Stars of David are […]

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The Political Is Personal: How to Release the Life Force Into Your World

In our corner of the great Multiverse, Mercury, the ancient Messenger of the Gods, is one of the busiest energies there is. Only the Moon moves faster, or has more on her plate. For most of October, Mercury has been doing the ancient dance with Venus that astrologers call a sextile. This weekend, he’s spreading clues everywhere […]

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Turning Up the Heat on the Cosmic Feminine

It happens so often we don’t even notice. The Cosmic Feminine is where she almost always is–at the pivot point of the cosmos’ transformative processes. It’s through the Cosmic Feminine energies–Venus and the Moon–that we’re able to take Life into ourselves. She rules what we love and value, how we nurture and relate. She presides over […]

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