Venus retrograde

Venus Conjunct the Sun, 2014: The Transfiguration of the Ancient Queen of Heaven

We’re just four days from Venus’ vibrational union with the Sun, her first in Capricorn since January 2006.  An eight-year cycle in our relationship with the Cosmic Feminine is drawing to an end in the next four days.  On Saturday, our Star will turn its radiant fire on all that is irrelevant and superfluous about […]

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The Sun and Venus Retrograde: The Part of the Past That Your Future Needs

Today our Star has been moving through the degree of Capricorn where Venus will bring her 40-day vision quest to an end on January 31. The Sabian symbol for the energy carried by 13 degrees of Capricorn is this:  “In a dense jungle, a perfectly preserved Mayan bas-relief.” Your Future Needs Your Past “The fecundation […]

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Pivot Point

Mercury and Venus are subtly and profoundly charging reality with a precise and specialized form of power today. It’s not the power to do. That comes in a few days. Today, we have the power to become aware and to choose. All summer we’ve been absorbing the backdrop of some truly extraordinary cosmic events we’ve experienced. […]

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