When Breakthrough Feels Like Blow-Up: Full Moon in Aries

This weekend the Universe is pulling out the stops to shake us loose from whatever are keeping us stuck in dynamics that just aren’t big enough for the new life that is trying to be born in us—and in our world. In many ways, tomorrow’s Aries Full Moon is a repeat of last week’s Uranus-Pluto square with the volume turned up.  Its volatile, turbulent energy, which has been building all week, won’t begin to subside until mid-week.

With Uranus in the same degree of Aries as the Moon, emotions are likely to be upsetting and discordant.  Disruptive events may occur suddenly.  Yet underneath there’s something that’s exhilarating, if you can get past the emotional volatility.  Uranus is taking a side here.  He’s siding with the feminine energies, conjunct the Aries Moon and trining Venus in Leo.  It’s a fiery, passionate, dramatic expression of the cosmic feminine energy that the Liberator is allying himself with.  Adding to the intensity is the fact that Venus is squaring Mars, who’s full of power and will in Scorpio.  There will be nothing abstract about what we truly want and deeply feel.

The focal point of the five-star intensity is Pluto.  The Cosmic Transformer always brings rebirth. To get there we have to let something die.  He’s pushing us hard to shed the old skin.  Work with him. He needs intensity. He craves depth. Show him you’re with him by letting go of what’s non-essential and has outlived its purpose. And remember Chiron’s advice to Hercules, as he set off to slay the Hydra: “We rise by kneeling, we conquer by surrendering, we gain by giving up.” Find the level of your life where that rings true. And go there.

Chiron the Healer plays the role he orbited into our solar system to play—a bridge between the reality we know and the higher energies of the cosmos.  Since March, he’s been creating opportunity for deep healing with an ongoing sextile to Pluto.  That creative support will continue to be a crucial component of the Uranus-Pluto energy through 2014.  Chiron gives this powerfully transformative energy a positive direction. He’s a more grounded and practical cosmic cousin of Uranus, whose energy is very similar. It’s the energy of Deep Space. It’s quantum, nonlinear, and it has the wild fertile power of the quasars and the black holes. And it’s waking up in our consciousness. It’s wanting to heal what’s broken there.

Meanwhile, Saturn is in the last degree of Libra for one more week, offering us the opportunity to redraw the boundaries within which our reality take shape.  You probably want to read what I wrote about that in my last post.

Here’s the deal. Don’t even try to resist what comes.  What needs to be free is an energetic structure within you. It’s not about the outer life–as long as the energetic liberation can occur, that’s all the cosmos really cares about.  The more you can mellow out, burrow in, and tune in to the highest possibilities within you, the better.  Meditate and journal. Practice whatever yoga connects you to the larger reality.  Make a space for the energies. They’re bringing the future.

Astrologically, it couldn’t be clearer what the Universe is asking us to do:  evolve our consciousness. The truth is, we’ve long since outgrown our consensus reality. We pretend that the world operates by laws that were discovered four centuries ago with Isaac Newton’s breakthroughs. The breakthroughs in what we know about reality haven’t stopped, but the ideas that hold things together for us haven’t caught up. Beneath every idea we have about what is real and what is not, what is possible and what isn’t is an energy.  What’s pushing through the structures we’ve built, as individuals and as a species, is the energy of a larger possibility.  Our job—yours, and mine–is to make a room for it