Venus Conjuncts Neptune: Blessing and Grace from the Cosmic Heart of Pisces

Galaxy M74,in the constellation of Pisces, mirrors back to us the spiral energy of our own Milky Way

Galaxy M74,in the constellation of Pisces, mirrors back to us the spiral energy of our own Milky Way

Each day now, we’re venturing ever deeper into the powerful water mysteries of Pisces. The last sign of the great hoop of stars that enfolds our solar system, Pisces is suffused with the magic of creation. And it’s now energized as no one alive has ever experienced it. 

Chiron was the first to arrive in this cosmic territory, almost a year ago.  Like an ancient prophet, our healing bridgeto the Great Mystery prepared us for the return of Neptune. In April 2012, the Cosmic Dreamer returned to the part of the sky that is his own for the first time since 1861. When he did, a new era began for all of us. On some level, somewhere in our lives, we are all dreaming a new dream into being–a dream of the Oneness that Neptune carries and that is our deepest reality.  That dream will be formed over the next 13 years,and it will be a part of who we are forever.

Pisces:The New Happening Place in the Cosmos

Since Monday’s Full Moon, a massive six-planet entourage of energy is making Pisces the most happening place in the Cosmos–at least from the perspective of Planet Earth.  In the early degrees of the the last sign of the zodiac, Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, has greeted each new entry over the last four weeks:

  • Mars the Warrior was the first to arrive in this water matrix early in February, to be inspired for the new cycle he’ll begin when he enters Aries on March 12
  • Mercury the Messenger joined him a few days later, to prepare for the first of his three vision quests in the water signs, now underway.
  • The Sun showed up on February 18, contributing its inimitable stellar brilliance to the growing Pisces power.
  • Finally, the day of the Virgo Full Moon, Venus entered the sign of her exaltation.  As alway, the Cosmic Feminine is the catalyst for change to take place at the deepest levels of reality.  The full-on Pisces magic has been unfolding ever since.

A Week for the Record Books

A lot has happened since Monday’s Full Moon in Virgo, the ancient sign of Isis and Persephone, welcomed Venus into Pisces:

  • Mars and Mercury have joined their vibrations in the same degree, creating energetic space for a breakthrough at the level of the heart.
  • The Sun and Chiron have merged their energies of the heart and the whole-maker, creating energetic space for a profoundly inspiring connection with the Cosmic Heart.
  • And today,  Venus and Neptune join their vibrations and  create the seed of a new Love, ready to draw the heart’s deepest dreams into reality.

Venus and Neptune: Making the Magic Happen

Make no mistake. This energy is subtle—and it is creative in the extreme, full of a potency that the linear mind cannot directly perceive.

  • Neptune is in the sign that he rules.  I know, I know.  I’m repeating myself.  There’s a reason for that! This is not business asusual.  It’s not even every-30-year business. It’s never happened in our lifetimes. It never happened in our parents’ lifetimes, or even our grandparents. Don’t underestimate the power of Neptune!
  • Venus is exalted here. Her ability to attract the inspired and creative vibrations of the Oneness and bring them into form is never stronger than now.
  • In the ancient system laid out over two thousand years ago by the Greco-Roman astrologer, astronomer, mathematician, and geographer Ptolemy, Venus also rules the first 8 degrees of Pisces, where the conjunction occurs. This doubles her power in this conjunction.
  • And Jupiter,rules the day on which this first of the twelve Venus-Neptune conjunctions in Pisces occurs. This is another of the subtle background forces that take on extra power in Pisces,where subtlety rules. Jupiter is the Blessing Giver, who showers us with abundance and grace.  And he’s the traditional ruler of Pisces.

Until 2026, when Neptune leaves Pisces for 165 years, we will have a dozen opportunities to bring our heart’s deepest longings into being.  This is the first—-and energetically, it is beginnings that carry the greatest potency.

How to Tap the Venus-Neptune Magic

Truly this is a week for the record books–and we’ve got two more weeks of Pisces power left.  To bring its extraordinary energy into your life, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Center your awareness and intention as deeply in your heart as you can.  Go deep and be authentic–and listen closely to what your heart truly desires.
  • The process of creation is  a decidedly right brain affair.The more you can engage your intuition,imagination,and creativity, the more vivid and potent your creative energies will be.
  • Align yourself with the highest in you.   “Contrary to what they tell you,” quantum physicistAmit Goswami reminds us,”you are not a limited material being.” Remember the underlying reality of your birth chart: you are a cosmic being, and ultimately only your highest aspirations are worthy of you. Don’t try and dumb down the Pisces vibration!  What happens when you do is not pretty.
  • Keep your feet on the ground while your head and your heart are in the stars. The Neptunian vibration is a much higher frequency than the one that operates in the standard reality of our current Earth-plane reality (although it’s changing rapidly, thanks in no small part to the power of Pisces). You want to stay grounded so the Piscean energy can grow some deep and lasting roots within you.
  • Be sensitive to your feelings, intuitions, and imagination and flow with them as much as you can Tomorrow the Moon will trine both Neptune and Venus,  helping ground this energy deep in our right brains. It’s going to be a great day to open your heart!