Venus squares Mars: Sparks Fly in the Skies

When Venus and Mars clash, sparks fly.  And energy is generated — precisely the energy you need to take your next leap and play a bigger game.  Here’s the drama playing out in the skies around you — and within you — over the next few days:

Venus is now just past the magnetic heart of Scorpio.  She’s fully comfortable now in these deep waters.  She’s intense, she’s focused, and she’s extremely confident.  It’s a highly magnetic combination.

At first, you don’t realize that about her.  She can seem reserved, even a little aloof.  Sure, she’s secretive.  Don’t be fooled, though.  Her famous radar is reading the energy.  Finding where the life force and its power is is blocked. A part of her will always be there, beneath the surface, staying in touch with the mystery.  Her staying power is intense.  Don’t try and tell her what to do.  And don’t ever underestimate her.

She’s dialed up now with Jupiter sending her a flow of blessings.  And she’s clashing with Mars.  He’s  in Leo, full of drama, flamboyance, and creativity. Rooms light up when he walks in. A little bossy?  No doubt about it.  Yet there’s no mistaking his warmth and generosity. Or his loyalty.

These two are lovers from the Deep Time.  They’re one of the most dynamic combinations in the zodiac — once you get them to work together to expand the pie, instead of fighting over it.

When he’s in Leo, Mars’ generosity and sense of drama can liven up Venus’ secretive, stingy ways when she’s in Scorpio.  She helps him tap the depths.  He helps her loosen up.  Together they’re more magnetic and empowered than alone. In fact, they’re as close to unstoppable as it gets.  To get there, each of them will have to make 3 key moves.  And so will you:

  • Leave your ego at the door.  Focus on what you really want more than being right.
  •  Stay focused in the heart.  Go with love, not fear.
  • Surrender to the greater will — the Universal Presence that you’re an integral part of — to release its greater power.
  • Relish this moment. It’s where the power is.